Letter to the Editor

CMS’ latest “do not pay” conditions: Readers respond.

CMS’ latest “do not pay” conditions

I am livid. I am a med-peds hospitalist board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. These no-pay rules are getting absurd. The people making these rules have never practiced medicine, I'm sure.

There are adverse outcomes despite perfect care in medicine. That's the whole point behind malpractice suits, trying to sort out who had the bad outcome due to a true problem, or who simply had a bad outcome despite every possible measure taken to assure a good outcome.

Let's face it, [urinary tract infections] will happen with any catheter if it's in there under the right conditions. Surgery site infections will happen, especially in those who are diabetic and obese—they don't heal well. [Deep vein thrombosis] will happen even with appropriate anti-coagulation and DVT precautions.

Why are we letting these idiots control what happens to our profession? I am officially fed up. I am so angry they “slipped in” some of these conditions right next to obvious crimes like leaving a surgical instrument in a patient, or removing the wrong limb. They are making a UTI the same as removing the wrong limb? Unreal.

Landi Halloran, FACP
Gillette, WY