Letter from the Editor

This month's issue features our 2016 Top Hospitalists, as well as articles on hospitalist/ED staffing models, dictation software, and more.

This issue brings you another great crop of Top Hospitalists. These 10 men and women were nominated by their colleagues and selected by our editorial board for their varied achievements in hospital medicine. Among other feats, they have improved care for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer patients and for complex patients requiring hospital transfer. Some of our featured hospitalists have redesigned their hospitals' prescribing practices, while others have delved into new ways to educate trainees and students. Read all about them in our profiles. acph-201611-2016-top-hospitalists

The Top Hospitalists' stories show the importance of teamwork on the wards, as does another article, which focuses on collaboration with the emergency department. acph-201611-integrated-hospitalist-ED Learn about the growing trend of a single company employing a hospital's hospitalists and ED physicians, and review the pros, cons, and potential future of this employment model. This month's Q&A is also about physician employment models, specifically a recent study finding that physicians are increasingly employed by hospitals and how that might impact physicians and patients. acph-201611-qa-hospitalist-employment-models

Another feature article in this issue analyzes the pros and cons of speech recognition software, which can help save physicians time but may not always be as accurate as they would like. Learn about what's new in the field and how experts are helping this technology get “smarter.” acph-201611-speech-recognition-software

Finally, many physicians collaborated on this month's Brief Case, which includes a collection of cases from hospitals around the country. acph-201611-brief-case-individual As always, send us your cases, and anything else you want to share.


Stacey Butterfield