Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes articles on recruitment, locum tenens, cellulitis, and more.

Everyone knows the basics of recruiting hospitalists—you offer good money, benefits, and hours and take out an ad (in the back of certain magazines, for example). But these days that isn't always enough, according to our cover story. Recruiting experts describe how hospitalists are in such great demand that they're looking for something more than the usual. Luckily, the experts also have some advice for hospitalist programs and their leaders on what they can offer to satisfy potential hires and begin a mutually beneficial relationship.

For those who would rather that relationship not be long term, our inside feature looks at the latest in the locum tenens industry. Demand is also high there, according to recruiters, and on the supply side, recent residency graduates are seeing temporary placements as an appealing option. See the story for details.

In clinical topics, another inside feature focuses on cellulitis. According to recent studies, patients are often misdiagnosed with cellulitis and may undergo unnecessary hospitalization and treatment as a result. The story lists some diseases that should be on the differential and describes how interspecialty collaboration and protocols can improve care for these patients. We also feature a related Test Yourself, with questions from MKSAP 17.

Another clinical focus this month is heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Morning Report, one of our reader-written features, describes a hypothetical patient developing HIT during hospitalization while this month's Success Story reports the true story of how one Canadian hospital has almost eliminated HIT.

Have your own successes or any other thoughts to share? Please email us.

Stacey Butterfield