Introducing our latest list of Top Hospitalists

ACP Hospitalist's annual feature turns 10.

Remember 2008? The BlackBerry was more common than the iPhone, intensive insulin therapy was a hot new concept in inpatient care, and ACP Hospitalist first published a list of 10 Top Hospitalists. They were physicians who had been nominated by their colleagues and chosen by our editorial board for their work on “improving geriatric care, growing hospital admissions, facilitating transitions of care and raising staff satisfaction, among many other things,” as we wrote at the time. Ten years later, some things have changed (no one gets excited about increasing admissions anymore!), but our Top Hospitalists feature and many of the challenges of hospital medicine have stayed the same. Read our profiles of the latest crop of hospitalists to impress us with their efforts to improve inpatient care.

This issue also has articles to help you improve the care you provide. Learn tricks and tips to diagnosing and treating venous ulcers, as well as some details on the new techniques and technologies being employed by wound care specialists. In contrast, some of the latest ways to prevent ICU delirium are very low-tech, including earplugs, eye masks, and extended visiting hours. Another relatively simple solution to a vexing problem is offered by this month's Success Story. Learn how a mindfulness meditation project reduced the severity of inpatients' pain.

This issue's Brief Case section offers a host of complicated diagnoses, from euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis to murine typhus infection. If you're interested in submitting your own cases, please email us.