News from our crystal ball and HM19

This month's issue offers predictions about the market for hospitalists and coverage of Hospital Medicine 2019.

Health system mergers and hospital closures are often in the news lately, but what do these market trends mean for hospitalists? This month's main story consults evidence and experts to answer that question. Find out what changes might be in store for your facility and your job in upcoming years.

Once again this year, we bring you coverage from the Society of Hospital Medicine's annual meeting, which was held in National Harbor, Md., in March. In our articles from Hospital Medicine 2019, you can learn how to distinguish somatic symptom disorder from factitious syndrome or malingering, and get tips on treating all three conditions. We've also got some strategies for working out disagreements with patients who request inappropriate care or want to leave the hospital prematurely. Several sessions at the meeting talked about steroids, offering recommendations on use of these drugs for pneumonia, sepsis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Remember post-hospital syndrome, which we covered in the March 2013 ACP Hospitalist? This month's Q&A delves into that problem of patients leaving the hospital less functional than they were before admission. Disturbances of sleep, mobility, and nutrition during an inpatient stay cause trauma of hospitalization and may increase readmissions, researchers have found, but they also have some ideas for fixing the situation. This month's Success Story describes another fix for readmissions—a citywide pledge (in Camden, N.J.) to see patients within seven days of hospital discharge.

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Stacey Butterfield