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Work hours, cardiac rehab, and more

The two primary outcomes were completion of cardiac rehabilitation and adherence to recommended medication. ... The primary outcome was mortality, and secondary outcomes included first-attempt success and known complications of endotracheal intubation
October 2020

Improvement seen in survival differences by race after in-hospital cardiac arrest

Differences in survival between black and white patients after in-hospital cardiac arrest appear to have decreased, according to a recent study. ... Survival gains over time were larger in hospitals where a higher proportion of black patients had an
August 2017

Women less likely than men to survive cardiac arrest, receive therapeutic intervention, study finds

Women who undergo cardiac arrest appear to be more likely than men to die in the hospital and less likely to undergo certain interventions, according to a recent study. ... However, in-hospital mortality was higher in women compared to men in the overall
June 2016

New rules for predicting recovery after cardiac arrest

Douglas. Motor response to pain is one of the tests that has been most affected by the changes in cardiac arrest care. ... EEG may be similarly useful in the broader population of patients unconscious after cardiac arrest.
July 2019

Epinephrine use in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest associated with greater mortality

Patients who received epinephrine for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest were more likely to die or have debilitating brain damage, a new study found. ... Patients who received epinephrine in the first 9 minutes after cardiac arrest had better outcomes.
December 2014

Therapeutic hypothermia doesn't improve outcomes for cardiac arrest patients

This multisite, international trial included 939 adults who were unconscious after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest of presumed cardiac cause. ... Based on these results, “decisions about which temperature to target after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
November 2013

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Recent studies about induced hypothermia after cardiac arrest, atherosclerosis before ACS hospitalization, and other topics. ... ventricular fibrillation arrest who met inclusion criteria for the Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest (HACA) trial.
November 2009

Registry appears to improve survival, neurologic outcomes after in-hospital cardiac arrest

Survival and neurologic outcomes after in-hospital cardiac arrest have improved at hospitals participating in the Get with the Guidelines—Resuscitation registry, according to a recent study. ... A total of 84,625 patients had a cardiac arrest in the
November 2012

Cardiac arrest

For cardiac arrest with a nonshockable rhythm, it is reasonable to administer epinephrine as soon as feasible. ... There is insufficient evidence to recommend routine use of ECPR for patients with cardiac arrest.
November 2019

MKSAP quiz on critical care

Extracorporeal support, including cardiopulmonary bypass, is recommended for patients in cardiac arrest because it maximizes the rewarming rate and can provide hemodynamic support. ... CPR should be continued in patients with accidental hypothermia
October 2020

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