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But applying the concept can be tricky, especially for elderly inpatients, whose care requires decisions that they are unable to make on their own due to conditions like delirium and dementia.
July 2014

New test detects MRSA within 24 hours

Prescribing information for zanamivir (Relenza) now reflects a warning about delirium and abnormal behavior in patients taking the drug.
June 2008

Opioid use disorders

Intoxication may be further specified as occurring with delirium or with perceptual disturbances (e.g., hallucinations or sensory illusions) without loss of reality testing (psychosis). ... Delirium should be considered a symptomatic mental disorder
April 2018

Guideline released on post-op delirium in older adults

order appropriate diagnostic tests and clinical consultations to identify and manage underlying contributors to delirium. ... The prescribing practitioner should avoid medications that induce delirium postoperatively in older adults to prevent delirium.
November 2014

Two questions most effective for initial delirium screening

All of them underwent a clinical reference standard assessment for delirium and the 3-dimensional Confusion Assessment Method (3D-CAM). ... Researchers compared all the 3D-CAM's items individually and paired to determine which were most sensitive and
September 2015

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Recommended interventions to prevent delirium include:. Ensure those at risk of delirium are cared for by people familiar to the person. ... Within 24 hours of admission, assess people at risk for the following clinical factors that might precipitate
February 2011

Confusion Assessment Method ranks highest for diagnosing inpatient delirium

The Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) is the best of 11 bedside instruments for assessing delirium, a review found. ... The commonly used MMSE was the least useful for identifying patients with delirium (LR, 1.6; 95% CI, 1.2 to 2.0).
August 2010

Caring for sepsis survivors

Prescott said. She and other experts emphasized the need to diagnose and treat sepsis promptly, identify and prevent in-hospital complications such as delirium, facilitate early ambulation, and counsel patients at ... Make sure people go home on the
April 2018

Simulation and reality

Quincke, who is admitted from a nursing home with severe polypharmacy and delirium. ... It could be anything. Anxiously, I texted back, “What was she admitted for?” He replied back “Delirium.” I surmised it was recurrent sepsis.
December 2014

Journal watch: recent studies of note

In addition, patients in the intervention group had a shorter duration of delirium (2 vs. ... A reference rater—a psychiatrist, geriatrician or neurologist—then used established criteria to diagnose delirium.
September 2009

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