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Be prepared: The ins and outs of serotonin syndrome

Boyer said. “They have a form of agitated delirium, which may make them difficult to talk to or control, and they have a peculiar mumbling speech, which a trained toxicologist can
April 2013

What you should know about psychotropics

Pozuelo said. In general, avoid anticholinergic agents with stroke patients (for example, tricyclic antidepressants or benign appearing diphenhydramine [Benadryl], which is also anticholinergic), as they predispose to delirium, he said. ... Haloperidol
August 2013

Altered mental status

With alcoholic encephalopathy, delirium tremens should be documented if present. If a patient has hypertensive encephalopathy, don't forget that this represents a hypertensive emergency as well. ... A clear understanding of the clinical syndromes of
March 2017

10th Annual Top Hospitalists issue

A new project aims to decrease the mortality of patients with delirium to 7% from the current 12% to 15%, he noted.
November 2017

Letters to the Editor

condition. The EEG is abnormal in delirium (encephalopathy) and normal in psychosis, depression and anxiety. ... I agree with Dr. Manos that we as physicians may consider acute encephalopathy and delirium as synonymous terms having the same definition
November 2010

Drugs for drinkers

As somebody gets older, their risk of developing delirium from benzos goes up,” Dr. ... The patient starts to develop an agitated delirium, so what does the nurse do?
June 2012

A talk on giving talks: Tips to ace medical lectures

You can also flip it. If you just talked about the prevention of delirium, at the end of that section, say, ‘Here's a multiple-choice question: Which of these is ... not an evidence-based way to prevent delirium?’” said Dr.
June 2015

NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

In addition, some patients weren't surveyed because they had delirium or cognitive problems or were asleep when the questionnaires were distributed.
February 2019

A new place between the hospital and the office

pulmonary disease, refractory cellulitis, sepsis, delirium, renal failure, dehydration and ileus. ... A 90-year-old farmer who lived alone was brought to the clinic by his daughters with bilateral pneumonia, nausea and vomiting and some delirium.
December 2013

New end-of-life guidelines help physicians fill gap in patient care

risk in an elderly patient with multiple chronic illnesses of developing an acute delirium.
March 2008

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