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The laziest, shadiest colleague

This would have me working at a breakneck pace until morning report.
September 2010

From zero to 100 in six months

Then, in January 2012, residents were taught about the guideline during morning report.
July 2013

Quality time

I had zero tolerance for this type of behavior. A report would be filed. ... I walked into the morning report room. Everyone was gone; I had missed morning checkout.
September 2012

DNR: An order ignored

The following morning, Dr. Jones arrived and learned about the situation from Mrs. ... Smith, who passed away comfortably holding his wife's hand. When pressed by the daytime physicians in morning report as to why he intervened against a patient's
January 2014

Acute decompensated heart failure

Morning Report, a new feature, discusses the clinical and administrative aspects of a fictional but realistic hospital case from admission to discharge. ... Morning Report is a new occasional feature in ACP Hospitalist that will analyze the clinical and
October 2015

Lunch with Lynch

For generations of internal medicine residents at Houston's Baylor College of Medicine, he ran the best morning report, with a minimum of angst and a maximum of education.
June 2009

Six letters that can help with difficult decisions

I used the letters that were in front of me. The impetus behind all this was an ethics morning report.
September 2010

Strategies for succeeding as an inpatient physician

example, having residents attend morning report, then one hour of attending rounds, then noon conference, then wards, then clinic). ... Committee meetings should be moved to the windows of time when the resident-student team is by definition without the
May 2011

Meta-cognition and its impact on physician self-diagnosis

I had never considered a brain injury.”. He contacted a neurosurgeon at his hospital and explained that he was asymptomatic, had patients to see, would be taking morning report, and had ... The next morning, he was able to walk without any ataxia, and
October 2012

Top Hospitalists

It's just a very rewarding experience. I set my alarm in the morning, but I will always wake up before that because I'm excited to go to work.”. ... As part of the program, clinician educators utilize techniques based in adult learning theory during
November 2018

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