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The FDA has added a boxed warning to hydroxyethyl starch solutions about a higher risk of death and severe renal injury in critically ill patients, the agency said in a recent ... Sleep deprivation is also an important factor in post-hospitalization
October 2013

Prescription monitoring, families in the ICU, and more

Research is needed to identify a set of best practices and complementary initiatives to address potential consequences of PDMPs, the authors wrote. ... Family attendance in ICU rounds may increase their duration but improve communication, according to
August 2018

Uncertainty clouds protocols

16, respectively, as well as on other recent research. Studies have identified a number of issues and uncertainties in sepsis treatment, from whether to use a protocol to how to optimize ... And they got the same results.”. Other recent studies have
March 2015

Back and forth on beta-blockers

Florida.“ In patients with recent MI, the major new questions are: Do all patients require treatment? ... For patients with coronary artery disease who have neither heart failure nor a history of MI, recent research suggests that beta-blockers don't
April 2017

The healing arts

Recent research has found that programs incorporating art therapy (which has traditionally been used mostly with pediatric and psychiatric patients) reduced pain and fatigue for adult cancer patients.
February 2012

Put a number on it: Rating patient acuity

Aware of recent research showing that increased handoffs can lead to worse patient outcomes and that some bad outcomes on the wards, especially cardiac arrests, are predictable, the Chicago hospitalists looked ... Although research on the effects of the
December 2011

Speedy sepsis care, intubation after cardiac arrest, and more

In patients who recently had an acute ischemic stroke, prolonged Holter monitoring identified significantly more cases of atrial fibrillation than standard care, a recent study found. ... Antipyretic treatment does not significantly improve 28-day or
June 2017

Hospitalists falling short on PICC use and knowledge, national survey says

Hospitalists across the U.S. vary widely in their use and knowledge of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs), a recent survey found. ... placement. Recent research has shown that PICCs are not as safe as historically assumed, the study authors
October 2013

MI performance measures, health literacy and LOS, and more

care practices; advocating for the development of regionalized systems of care; and outlining future research priorities. ... The results differ from previous research on other patient populations with severe bacterial infections, the authors noted.
February 2018

qSOFA for mortality prediction, preoperative breathing exercises, and more

The results of this study, combined with a recent registry study,“ provide complementary evidence that MRI scanning can be performed safely in patients with legacy devices, provided that an appropriate protocol
July 2018

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