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Recent Research

an increased incidence of portal-vein thrombosis, according to a recent industry-funded study. ... MI risk, or risk of MI or vascular death, for recent stroke patients, the authors wrote.
January 2013

Recent Research

Risk for stroke is elevated up to 12 weeks after total hip replacement, according to a recent study. ... Past research in healthy volunteers has shown zolpidem is associated with greater difficulty maintaining balance, the authors wrote.
March 2013

Sleep heals

Several recent studies offer insight into how the hospital environment can affect inpatient sleep quality and patient outcomes, as well as highlighting actions hospitalists can take to ensure patients get the ... Some of these obstacles to sleep may be
July 2019

Top Hospitalists

Although group buy-in was key to the initiative's success, recent research suggests that culture change may require less buy-in than previously thought, said Dr. ... Skandhan. “Previously, they used to say 35% of people have to be bought in for a new
November 2018

HCAP guidelines, CPR survival, and more

The HCAP guidelines were always controversial, and a recent update removed the specific recommendations for HCAP and placed HCAP into the guidelines for CAP instead, the study authors noted. ... Noninvasive sputum culture may be helpful in guiding
April 2018

Stroke imaging and AKI, beta-blockers after MI, and more.

Beta-blocker use was not associated with lower mortality up to one year after discharge in patients with acute myocardial infarction (MI) but without heart failure (HF), a recent study found. ... In patients with a recent acute coronary syndrome (ACS),
January 2018

Opioid disposal, medication cost alerts, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Patients commonly do not use, lock, or discard their postoperative prescription opioids, according to a recent systematic review. ... Displaying the costs of medications to inpatient prescribers did not
December 2017

Duty hours, infective endocarditis

In addition, the findings highlight the need for future research to improve antimicrobial stewardship in the setting of asthma,” the authors said. ... They called for revision of the IDSA guidelines, but also more research comparing OPAT and hospital
August 2019

Recent Research

Irrigation during incision and drainage of cutaneous abscesses does not improve 30-day success of treatment, a recent study found. ... Choosing ICU care for pneumonia patients who could instead have been admitted to medical wards appeared to reduce
December 2015

Letter from the Editor

There are great parts of being an academic hospitalist, from shaping the future of the physician workforce to leading the way in research and practice innovation. ... Staff writer Mollie Durkin dove into recent research on gender bias in medicine and
June 2016

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