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Recent Research

Although the CAM-ICU has high sensitivity and specificity when administered by research nurses, its performance in day-to-day practice is unknown. ... Greater blood loss from phlebotomy is associated with higher risk of anemia in patients hospitalized
January 2012

Opioid disposal, medication cost alerts, and more

Summaries from ACP Hospitalist Weekly. Patients commonly do not use, lock, or discard their postoperative prescription opioids, according to a recent systematic review. ... Displaying the costs of medications to inpatient prescribers did not
December 2017

Studies on infectious diseases, neurology, and more

However, other research has shown additional ways in which isolation precautions negatively impact care, including psychological effects, fewer contacts with clinicians, and greater inpatient deconditioning. ... However, the lack of benefit in patients
March 2017

Precourse provides pneumonia pearls

Michael S. Niederman, MD, MACP, led off his talk“ Pneumonia in the Critically Ill Patient” with recent research about cardiac risks.“ We know that as many as 30% of patients with ... Younger, healthier ICU patients with conditions such as recent
April 2018

Length of stay: Timing it right

Recent research suggests that improvements in efficiency during the inpatient stay can lower LOS without increasing unnecessary readmissions.
October 2014

Recent Research

An accompanying editorial noted that another recent trial of a tele-ICU found no benefit to the intervention. ... Further research is needed to determine definitively whether use of the STOPP criteria reduces adverse events, medication costs and health
November 2011

Recent Research

The use of hospice has increased in recent years, but a significant proportion of patients are still entering the program too early or too late, according to two studies. ... Mortality rates are decreasing for respiratory disease and increasing for
May 2011

Recent Research

Most nursing home residents who undergo lower-extremity revascularization are unlikely to benefit from it, according to a recent study. ... Inpatients were significantly more likely to develop a hospital-acquired condition if they were admitted during
July 2015

Recent Research

Only a small proportion of ischemic stroke readmissions are preventable, a recent study found. ... placement. Recent research has shown that PICCs are not as safe as historically assumed, the study authors noted.
March 2014

Recent Research

Researchers developed a risk score that accurately predicted risk of acute kidney injury among orthopedic surgery patients, according to a recent British study. ... The authors noted that the existing research on thrombectomy is very heterogenous, with
January 2016

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