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ACEing geriatric care

In addition to correcting those physical issues, ACE units can also differ in their staffing and approach to care. ... They also require dedicated, specialized staffing. They also have a limit to the number of patients they can serve.”.
February 2011

Break the fracture cycle

A common model of dedicated staffing is the fracture coordinator, “usually a nurse or a nurse practitioner who works with the cooperation of orthopedics and medicine to make sure that [for]
September 2011

Work hours

A decade ago, the National Academy of Medicine recommended that resident physician work-hour reduction should not occur without an investment of resources to support adequate staffing and infrastructure.
July 2020

Improving Indian Health Service hospitals

The remote, rural, and distant locations, limited funding, outdated or missing equipment, and chronic staffing vacancies make medical care in the IHS system particularly challenging,” he said. ... facilities with staffing shortages, said Dorothy
April 2017

Conference room becomes medical unit

Fogerty, MD, MPH, ACP Member, medical director for the center. “All the levers that we normally pull had already been pulled—doubles into triples, extra staffing, and flexing some of our
February 2020

Letter from the Editor

In our cover story, we look at the possible reasons for these findings as well as possible solutions, including staffing changes and collaborative care, that could help minimize the differences.
June 2008

ICU schedule simulation finds increased continuity, time off with shared service

They noted that different scheduling models “have been an area of intense debate among hospitalists,” but that “there have not been other quantitative studies of the impact of staffing models on
April 2017

A mix of the suspected and the surprising at annual stroke meeting

Researchers in both studies adjusted for age, race, gender and other factors, which means the disparity could be due to worse staffing and care practices on weekends/off hours—a theory
May 2008

Will ICUs become hospitalists' turf?

He recently shared his thoughts on current and future ICU staffing and practices with ACP Hospitalist. ... The gold standard for ICU staffing is intensivist physicians, but there simply aren't enough intensivists to go around.
February 2016

Taking steps with mobility techs

Rothberg. In addition, due to staffing shortages, the technicians were pulled away from their mobility work to do other tasks.
November 2019

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