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Studies look at new and old scores, biomarkers for predicting COVID-19 outcomes

The SOFA score did not perform well for predicting mortality in patients admitted with COVID-19, multiple recent studies found, but levels of D-dimer and C-reactive protein had prognostic value, according to the latest research.

New COVID-19 treatment, monitoring, isolation guidance

The Infectious Diseases Society of America newly suggested tocilizumab for some patients, while the CDC offered guidance on isolation duration for immunocompromised patients and pulse oximetry accuracy and published safety data on the currently available vaccines. Recent studies looked at vitamin D and anticoagulation in COVID-19.

Telehospitalist program reduced length of stay at a rural VHA hospital, study finds

Readmission rates did not improve with telemedicine, but patients and clinicians at both the hub and spoke hospitals were highly satisfied with a Veterans Health Administration (VHA) telehospitalist pilot program.

Physician resuscitation champions associated with higher rates of surviving in-hospital cardiac arrest

In a survey study, hospitals that had a very active physician champion of Get With the Guidelines—Resuscitation were four times more likely to be in a higher survival quintile than participating hospitals that did not.

Longer antibiotic delay intervals associated with hospital mortality in patients with suspected sepsis

While both time from ED triage to antibiotic order and time from antibiotic order to infusion were associated with increased hospital mortality, this was true only for longer delays, indicating that a one-hour antibiotic administration target may be too aggressive, study authors said.

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