Ventilation, telehospitalists, and more on COVID-19

This issue offers tools to fight the pandemic, as well as analysis of vitamin C for sepsis and articles on cardiomyopathy.

You'll probably be unsurprised to find that much of this issue is focused on COVID-19. First, we have advice on ventilation management for those who are newly tasked with it during this crisis. In our main story, experts offer their thoughts on this challenge, and then a FAQ addresses issues that may come up when treating patients with COVID-19 and acute respiratory distress syndrome. Next, a group of telehospitalists have written about how physicians in their role can be a solution to many of the problems posed by this pandemic, from personal protective equipment to uneven patient volume to conversations about goals of care. They offer ideas for ways to use telehospitalists if they are already available, or if not, set up a new telemedicine program.

Other COVID-19 content includes a Q&A about palliative care and this month's Newman's Notions. This month's Test Yourself focuses on mechanical ventilation, an intervention that the virus has made especially important. We've also been publishing articles related to COVID-19 on our website, so please visit often for the most timely updates.

As this issue is being produced, in April, it's hard to consider anything but COVID-19, but we've tried to provide some opportunities to think about other important issues in medicine. Check out the feature article on the controversial topic of whether vitamin C helps patients with severe sepsis and the Success Story on reducing unnecessary urine cultures, as well as an Expert Analysis and Coding Corner on cardiomyopathy.

Or if you really, really need a break, there's always the Cartoon Caption Contest winner (with absolutely no COVID-19 references, I promise). Thanks for everything you do, and please feel free to get in touch anytime at

Stacey Butterfield