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Myopericarditis: A clinical review

a subsequent troponin level of 4.85 mg/dL at 10:10 a.m. ... Cardiac enzymes (CK-MB fraction or troponin I or T) may be elevated in myopericarditis.
September 2015

Complicated UTI, stress ulcer prophylaxis, and more

In both cohorts, Aβ40 was associated with mortality, even after adjustment for variables including age, sex, diabetes, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T and C-reactive protein levels, revascularization, and ACS type ... They cautioned that as an
November 2018


Very low levels of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin may not be accurate for ruling out inducible myocardial ischemia in certain patients, according to a new study. ... Researchers in Switzerland performed a prospective diagnostic cohort study at a
January 2020


Researchers studied 4,033 patients from 171 centers with NSTE ACS and elevated troponin levels.
September 2013

MI performance measures, health literacy and LOS, and more

early cardiac troponin measurement (within six hours of arrival), and. participation in a regional or national acute MI registry. ... Most of the data were also gathered before high-sensitivity troponin assays became standard.
February 2018


P<0.001), higher heart rate (P=0.017), lower oxygen saturation (P=0.033), higher creatinine (P<0.001), elevated troponin level (P<0.001), active cancer (P=0.002),
June 2012

Recent Research

The findings are biologically plausible, they noted, theorizing that the acute myocardial injury indicated by elevated troponin promotes ventricular remodeling and heart failure progression. ... The results show that cardiac troponin could provide
April 2016


Troponin levels are nonspecific relative to the etiology of cardiac myonecrosis and occur in many nonischemic clinical conditions. ... and flow diagrams to help clinicians determine when to use troponin in therapeutic decision making.
November 2012

Cardiac risk assessment

I plus advanced coronary artery disease (CAD) assessment with CTA versus conventional troponin and traditional CAD assessment. ... ACS was diagnosed in 10.6%. All patients had normal levels of conventional troponin at ED presentation.
October 2015

Recent Research

The time interval between troponin elevation and death potentially allows physicians to modify prognosis,” they concluded. ... is unlikely that patients actually will benefit from routine troponin measurement after noncardiac surgery.
August 2013

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