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Results pending at discharge often stay in limbo

Handoffs from inpatient to outpatient care are a known problem area in hospital medicine, and one of the biggest opportunities for improvement could involve results of tests pending at discharge.
15 Dec 2009

Act quickly and listen a lot

What to do when a patient wants to leave against medical advice.
15 Mar 2010

Do you know this surgeon?

With general surgeons in increasingly short supply, more hospitals will have to bring in temporary surgeons to help fill the demand for emergency and routine surgical services.
15 Aug 2009

Helping patients kick the habit

In the face of recent reports that U.S. smoking rates are no longer declining, hospitalists may be ideally situated to help patients quit.
15 Jan 2010

Code status discussions sometimes difficult, but necessary

Understanding individual preferences about code status is critical to delivering the care patients want. Still, code discussions between doctors and patients don't always happen when they should, or at all. A 2008 study in the Journal of Hospital Medicine found that only 10% of patients in six university-based hospitals had documented code discussions within 24 hours of admission.
15 Oct 2009

A matter of respect

Disruptive behavior is common in U.S. hospitals, according to a recent survey.
15 Apr 2010

Want to know why a patient's readmitted? Ask him.

Physicians, hospital administrators and even politicians are eagerly searching for ways to reduce hospital readmissions. But one closely involved party isn't typically consulted: the patient.
15 Apr 2011

Improving handoffs from the ED

Just because disagreement between hospitalists and emergency physicians is natural, it's not necessarily unavoidable.
15 Oct 2011

Keeping an eye—and ear—out for sleep apnea

Ignoring sleep apnea is done at the patient's peril.
15 Apr 2011

Time to teach

Everybody believes somebody should do it, but nobody has the time to figure out whose job it is. Such is the problematic status of patient discharge education.
15 Apr 2013

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