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Pocket-sized procedures

Ultrasound images, formerly only available from machines weighing hundreds of pounds and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be viewed on devices significantly smaller in both size and price.
15 May 2011

Inpatient medication: Too much information, or not enough?

A recent study showed that many inpatients don't know what medications they're given in the hospital.
15 Mar 2010

They'll be back

Depression may pose as a big a risk for hospital readmission as other, better known factors.
15 Oct 2010

For hospitalists, hard work doesn't mean higher pay

Pay per relative value unit differs by geography.
15 Jul 2011

Getting to know you

Daily face-to-face meetings improve outcomes and teamwork.
15 Feb 2010

Hone in on patients without a home

Patients who are homeless or teetering on the verge can present an additional set of logistics for busy hospitalists.
15 Aug 2010

Obesity complicates diagnosis

The rising prevalence of obesity has created health dangers for patients and new challenges in diagnostic testing for hospitalists.
15 Oct 2011

Volunteering abroad adds meaning to medical practice

Today's physicians may spend more time at a computer than at the bedside, but not if they volunteer abroad.
15 Nov 2011

Is it peripheral neuropathy?

Learn the right way to diagnose this painful condition.
15 Nov 2010

Communication skills vital to cancer conversations

Common phrases can sound different through the filter of a cancer diagnosis.
15 Oct 2013

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