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Future genomics research aims to be clinical

This new strategic vision has a considerably more clinical slant than its 2003 predecessor, reflecting the growing confluence of genomics research, clinical research and clinical care. ... The blueprint portrays non-linear advances, with ongoing clinical
April 2011

Fixing folate testing for high-value care

John Hopkins is famous for many things, including high-quality clinical care, but providing cost-effective, high-value care has not historically been one of them, according to hospitalist leaders there. ... They're really interested in figuring out how
March 2016

Recent Research

furoate-vilanterol group versus 1.64 per year in the usual care group) (P=0.02). ... However, they also stated that the trial was conducted in a largely unsupervised manner over a year and as such reflects factors involved in usual clinical care, such as
February 2017

In hopeless cases, providers have a right to refuse to continue

We live in the “patient autonomy” era, which has transformed clinical decision-making across the spectrum of medical care, largely in very positive ways. ... Under no circumstances, whether in the ICU or elsewhere, should an attending physician,
September 2008

Fecal transplants, contrast, and more

22 [37%]; P=0.001). Results of the study were published by Clinical Infectious Diseases on Oct. ... A contemporary cardiac troponin I assay was used to guide clinical care for a validation phase of at least six months, and hospitals were then randomly
June 2020

Spotting delirium

The chief advantage of brief screening instruments is that they are easy to integrate into routine clinical care, said ACP Member Edward Marcantonio, MD, section chief for research in the division ... Several shorter versions have been designed for
March 2016

Patient navigator program reduces length of stay

As members of the clinical team with no clinical responsibilities, navigators ranged in experience and did not necessarily have backgrounds in health care. ... The hospital implemented the program in 2010 with 2 navigators on the division and in 2012
November 2015

3 Wishes, penalties, and more

in academic tertiary care centers, potentially limiting generalizability to other settings, the authors noted. ... The study included 4,323 patients in the University of North Carolina Center for AIDS Research HIV Clinical Cohort who received clinical
April 2020

Tips for social media users

You can think of using social media for clinical care as a hierarchy of needs,” she said. ... Documentation about patient care communications should be included in the patient's medical record.
May 2016

Maintain vigilance for MERS

health care settings, related to breaches in infection prevention and control practices, according to a WHO report. ... The virus does not appear to transmit easily from person to person unless there is close contact, such as providing clinical care to
October 2015

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