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As the novel coronavirus makes more patients seriously ill, with common symptoms including acute shortness of breath, physicians have reason to turn to those already expert in this difficult subject.
April 2020


Two new studies looked at the problems of variation in hospital outcomes and transmission in health care settings. Other articles offered strategies to make the most of hospitalists, personalize treatment, predict mortality, and follow the evidence.
July 2020

SHEA issues guidance on contact precautions for hospital visitors

excluded. In situations of potential outbreaks or novel, virulent pathogens (e.g., Ebola, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus), enforcing isolation precautions should be prioritized, and hospitals should consider restricting nonessential
April 2015

Goals of care

The family confirmed that she was indeed a full code because she did not want to die of COVID.
November 2020

Infusion pump recalls, fecal transplant alert

The Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration Program aims to bring treatments to market as quickly as possible while supporting research to further evaluate whether they are safe and effective for treating patients with ... the coronavirus.
May 2020

Training meets pandemic

While faculty primarily cared for patients with COVID-19 at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Parnassus campus, residents were involved in ICU care of patients with the novel coronavirus
August 2020

How the pandemic hit hospitals' bottom lines

caused by the coronavirus.”.
February 2021


New studies found some benefits associated with tocilizumab and colchicine in patients hospitalized with COVID-19 and quantified symptoms in older adults as well as neurological complications.
July 2020

Anti-Asian bias brought out by pandemic

On top of the coronavirus that we're all fighting as health care professionals, some of our colleagues might be fighting the racism virus at the same time,” he said.
June 2020

Surviving COVID-19

connection when the systems and structures are set up to try and keep people separated, because we're trying to keep people safe from coronavirus,” said Dr.
July 2020

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