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For delirium, manage environment as well as meds

Beliveau told her audience during a session titled “Delirium in the Hospitalized Patient” at Internal Medicine Meeting 2018. ... indicated for management of delirium associated with alcohol or benzodiazepine withdrawal, she noted.
July 2018

Nonpharmacological, multicomponent interventions reduced delirium, prevented falls

Nonpharmacological, multicomponent interventions appeared to be effective at reducing delirium and preventing falls in hospitalized older patients, a study found. ... The authors called the effect of intervention strategies on delirium incidence
February 2015

Delirium, treating drug resistance, fall prevention

Ongoing randomized, placebo controlled trials are investigating different management strategies for ICU delirium. ... There is no evidence that propofol has any role in improving delirium resolution.
January 2009

Earplugs in ICU patients associated with decreased delirium risk

RR) for delirium of 0.59 (95% CI, 0.44 to 0.78), and results were not substantially different between randomized and nonrandomized trials. ... They also noted that they were not able to show that the decrease in delirium risk was associated with
March 2016

Statins may help delirium in critically ill patients, study finds

Statin treatment may be associated with lower delirium risk in critically ill patients, according to a new study. ... The authors hypothesized that the anti-inflammatory effect of statins may be related to a decrease in delirium risk.
January 2014

Stopping delirium before it starts

Because really once a patient has delirium, it's supportive care for the most part. ... Patients who have delirium tend to do worse than those who don't,” he said.
June 2013

Quetiapine seems safe, effective for treating delirium

The second-generation antipsychotic quetiapine appears to be as safe and effective as other antipsychotics in treating delirium, according to a new review. ... They nonetheless concluded that it appears quetiapine may be safe and effective in treating
March 2013

New scoring system helps quantify delirium severity in older patients

Researchers developed and validated a new measure of delirium severity, called the CAM-S, to quantify delirium at the bedside. ... However, they concluded that CAM-S effectively measured delirium severity in older adults and had strong associations with
April 2014

An ear-ly intervention to reduce delirium

Where: ICUs around the world. The issue: Reducing sleep disruption for ICU patients and incident delirium. ... ICU patients commonly face sleep disruption, which is associated with delirium and cognitive impairment.
June 2016

Prophylactic haloperidol lowers incidence of postop delirium for some patients

prevalence of delirium, number of delirium-free days, and use of open-label haloperidol. ... Delirium was assessed using the Confusion Assessment Method-Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU).
February 2012

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