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A. Cyanide toxicity. B. Delirium tremens. C. Hepatic encephalopathy. D. Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy. ... There are no U.S. Food and Drug Administration–approved therapies for delirium.
November 2011

Delirium linked to adverse outcomes in hospitalized patients with Alzheimer's disease

Patients with Alzheimer's disease who develop delirium during hospitalization are more likely to have adverse outcomes, according to a new study. ... Hospitalized patients who developed delirium also had an adjusted RR of 1.6 for cognitive decline.
June 2012

In the News

The American Geriatrics Society recently released a clinical practice guideline on postoperative delirium in older adults. ... order appropriate diagnostic tests and clinical consultations to identify and manage underlying contributors to delirium.
March 2015

Avoiding the pitfalls of hospital medicine

Delirium is a common complication of hospitalization, especially in elderly patients, and it may significantly prolong the hospital stay. ... Other measures that help reduce delirium incidence are natural day-night lighting, the continuous presence of
December 2013

Recognizing, preventing and treating delirium

Huang said. “Either way, the study demonstrated that delirium can be prevented in some patients.”. ... For those with significant delirium/agitation, a Cochrane review found haloperidol is best, Dr.
April 2011


Patients with dementia are susceptible to episodes of delirium with any physiological, psychological, or circumstantial stress, as during a hospital admission. ... Delirium superimposed on dementia and “sundowning” should also be documented whenever
July 2018


Delirium and acute encephalopathy are essentially 2 different terms describing the same condition. ... Examples include:. Toxic encephalopathy due to phenytoin, causing delirium. Delirium due to metabolic encephalopathy.
January 2015

ACEing geriatric care

As an example, to help streamline geriatric care on our ACE service we created a geriatric order set which bundled together elements such as a sleep protocol, a delirium protocol, a ... They also created a bedside checklist to encourage screening and
February 2011

Postoperative delirium associated with long-term cognitive impairment

Postoperative delirium developed in 103 patients (46%), with delirium lasting one to two days in 65% and three or more days in 35%. ... A higher percentage of patients with delirium than those without delirium had not returned to their preoperative
July 2012

Dexmedetomidine associated with improved outcomes after cardiac surgery

Secondary outcomes were renal failure, sepsis, delirium, postoperative hours spent on a ventilator, length of hospital stay and 30-day readmission rates. ... 54.06%; adjusted odds ratio, 0.80; P=0.0136) and delirium (5.46% vs. 7.42%; adjusted odds ratio,
March 2013

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