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Wiping out falls

Physicians minimize the risk for delirium by controlling pain well and avoiding unnecessary medications, he said. ... Delirium can cause patients to fall, and anticholinergic medications can in turn cause delirium.
August 2008

Heart failure risk score, step-down therapy

risk patients who can be safely discharged from the ED without exposure to potential hazards, such as nosocomial infections and delirium,” the authors wrote. ... Limitations of the study include the possibility of the Hawthorne effect and the uncertain
July 2019

To home or SNF?

An elderly patient admitted for pneumonia aspirates while on a feeding tube and subsequently develops delirium and problems with mobility and cognition.
September 2019

Top Hospitalists

said. Therefore, in 2013, Dr. Rohatgi led a hospital-wide initiative to prevent delirium and promote safer management of the condition through nonpharmacological measures. ... delirium. Although the processes are rigorous and involve reorienting patients
November 2018


Making a clinical distinction between delirium and encephalopathy is very important but can be confusing. ... The term delirium is best reserved for psychiatric conditions unrelated to underlying systemic conditions.
September 2010

Recent Research

Six percent of patients had cognitive impairment at baseline, and 74% developed delirium while in the hospital. ... range and diverse diagnoses, and detailed data were collected about delirium and sedative exposure as risk factors, the authors noted.
January 2014

Treat the elderly patient, not just the illness

Palmer said. Mind all medications. Many medications can contribute to delirium, and Dr. ... Don't prescribe bed rest. Treating patients' sensory impairments also can alleviate or avoid delirium, Dr.
November 2007

Nurses and delirium

A reader responds to a recent article on preventing delirium in the ICU. ... Erik McIntosh, RN, DNP, ACNP-BC. Chicago. Dr. Goodson responds: Dr. McIntosh, thank you for your interest in ICU patient mobilization and delirium monitoring.
February 2018

Recent Research

Researchers in the Netherlands performed a prospective multicenter study at 10 ICUs to see how well the test would identify delirium in a real-life setting. ... A total of 282 patients were assessed by 15 delirium experts between April 2009 and April 2010
January 2012

Alcohol use disorders

withdrawal is uncomplicated or associated with delirium or with perceptual disturbance (hallucinations without delirium or with intact reality testing). ... Delirium tremens is coded as alcohol withdrawal with delirium. Identification of AUD in remission
January 2018

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