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Many patients report avoidable sleep disruptions in the hospital, Dutch survey finds

In addition, some patients weren't surveyed because they had delirium or cognitive problems or were asleep when the questionnaires were distributed.
July 2018

Hospital medicine core competencies updated

While all of the chapters from the 2006 version were updated, more substantial changes were made to chapters on delirium and dementia, hospital-acquired pneumonia, palliative care, quality improvement, and transitions
April 2017

New risk score appears valid for predicting mortality in ED patients with acute heart failure

risk patients who can be safely discharged from the ED without exposure to potential hazards, such as nosocomial infections and delirium,” the authors wrote.
January 2019

ACEing geriatric care

As an example, to help streamline geriatric care on our ACE service we created a geriatric order set which bundled together elements such as a sleep protocol, a delirium protocol, a ... They also created a bedside checklist to encourage screening and
February 2011

A new place between the hospital and the office

pulmonary disease, refractory cellulitis, sepsis, delirium, renal failure, dehydration and ileus. ... A 90-year-old farmer who lived alone was brought to the clinic by his daughters with bilateral pneumonia, nausea and vomiting and some delirium.
December 2013

Use a light touch for ICU sedation

The PADIS (Pain, Agitation/sedation, Delirium, Immobility and Sleep disruption) 2013 guidelines, published in Critical Care Medicine, recommended a RASS goal of 2 to 0 for sedation in the ICU. ... However, studies over the past several years have found
December 2019

Intervention reduced nighttime orders for vital signs, VTE prophylaxis

But the effects on other outcomes (e.g., length of stay, incidence of delirium, frequency of readmission) must be explored, the editorialists said.
January 2019

Calling for backup before it's needed

Elderly, post-op, severely ill and demented patients are at highest risk for delirium and resulting negative outcomes. ... Also be on the lookout for medications known to cause delirium, especially in the older patient.
November 2008

Earplugs in ICU patients associated with decreased delirium risk

RR) for delirium of 0.59 (95% CI, 0.44 to 0.78), and results were not substantially different between randomized and nonrandomized trials. ... They also noted that they were not able to show that the decrease in delirium risk was associated with
March 2016

Stopping delirium before it starts

Because really once a patient has delirium, it's supportive care for the most part. ... Patients who have delirium tend to do worse than those who don't,” he said.
June 2013

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