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PASHA in Argentina

of deep vein thrombosis in medical and surgical patients, management of inpatient glycemia, treatment of delirium and preoperative cardiac issues, smoothing care transitions within the hospital and at discharge, and, of
December 2011

Hospital mobility program led to better mobility after discharge, study shows

dementia or delirium, which may mean that their mobility was higher than what would be seen in a general medicine population.
June 2016

Alcohol use disorders

withdrawal is uncomplicated or associated with delirium or with perceptual disturbance (hallucinations without delirium or with intact reality testing). ... Delirium tremens is coded as alcohol withdrawal with delirium. Identification of AUD in remission
January 2018

Altered mental status

With alcoholic encephalopathy, delirium tremens should be documented if present. If a patient has hypertensive encephalopathy, don't forget that this represents a hypertensive emergency as well. ... A clear understanding of the clinical syndromes of
March 2017

Specialty organizations highlight tests and procedures to rethink

Don't use benzodiazepines or other sedative-hypnotics in older adults as first choice for insomnia, agitation or delirium.
February 2013

Treatment of trainees, admission patterns, and more

of delirium, dementia, and cognitive disorders (median cost, $12,831; IQR, $9,539 to $17,509; total cost, $77,372,541; 4.9% of all costs).
March 2019

A ‘common sense’ tool to identify inpatient stroke

But common mimics like delirium and seizure can confound timely stroke diagnosis in the hospital.
January 2019

Dexmedetomidine sped extubation of ventilated patients with agitation and delirium

Dexmedetomidine allowed earlier extubation of ventilated ICU patients with agitated delirium, a new randomized trial found. ... other forms of delirium, or those who are not intubated, the authors said.
April 2016

Meds to get patients off the bottle

There are some known factors that predict risk of the most severe symptoms of withdrawal, seizures and delirium tremens.
June 2017

Cholesterol embolism syndrome

Livedo reticularis. Myalgias. Abdominal pain. Focal neurologic findings. Encephalopathy/delirium. Oliguria. Paraplegia.
April 2011

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