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Factor frailty into preop assessment

Frailty should be assessed along with baseline cognition, risk for delirium, functional status, nutritional status, and, in particular, patients' treatment goals and expectations, an expert said. ... She recommended that frailty be assessed preoperatively
April 2018

Three steps to addressing, and possibly avoiding, return ED visits

Boutwell. Hospitalists should also discuss the risk of delirium to families who bring their elders to the ED, she added.
December 2014

What you should know about psychotropics

Pozuelo said. In general, avoid anticholinergic agents with stroke patients (for example, tricyclic antidepressants or benign appearing diphenhydramine [Benadryl], which is also anticholinergic), as they predispose to delirium, he said. ... Haloperidol
August 2013

Letter from the Editor

Also this month, we look at the tricky issue of whether and how to prescribe drug treatment for patients with delirium.
November 2011

In the News

A simple model outperforms clinicians at predicting which intensive care unit (ICU) patients are likely to develop delirium during their ICU stay, a study found. ... The optimal cut-off point of the model and the most effective delirium preventive
May 2012

New scoring system helps quantify delirium severity in older patients

Researchers developed and validated a new measure of delirium severity, called the CAM-S, to quantify delirium at the bedside. ... However, they concluded that CAM-S effectively measured delirium severity in older adults and had strong associations with
April 2014

Recent Research

All of them underwent a clinical reference standard assessment for delirium and the 3-dimensional Confusion Assessment Method (3D-CAM). ... Researchers compared all the 3D-CAM's items individually and paired to determine which were most sensitive and
December 2015

Cases from the Seattle VA Hospital and the University of Washington

Despite treatment for infection, the patient continued to have progressive delirium with visual hallucinations. ... In all cases, administration of hydrocortisone dramatically improved the delirium and other symptoms within a few days.
November 2014

When it's OK to give opioids

Reddy. “But we need to be careful. Sometimes delirium masquerades as pain, and it can make delirium worse if you give higher doses of opioid medications, which are causing delirium in
June 2017

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue discusses quick screening tools for delirium, management of patients after opioid overdose, overuse of proton-pump inhibitors, and more. ... Researchers have recently been working to cut existing delirium screening tools down to the
March 2016

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