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Start ART in all HIV-infected adults, expert panel says

Ongoing monitoring of patients' CD4 cell count, HIV-1 RNA levels, ART adherence, HIV-drug resistance, and quality-of-care indicators is recommended. ... Because any drug regimen is lifelong, therapy choices should account for patient convenience and
July 2012

Multidrug resistance

The new drug resistance codes (category Z16) identify the antibiotics to which the infectious organism is resistant (Table 3). ... In summary, be alert to single- or multiple-drug resistance identified by culture sensitivity testing and document the type
February 2020

1996 guidelines better than 2005 set for ICU patients with potentially resistant microorganisms

The patients were divided into two groups based on the 2005 guidelines from the American Thoracic Society–Infectious Diseases Society of America, which determined the risk for drug resistance based on ... However, 26% of the patients in the group were
March 2010

AIDS society updates antiretroviral recommendations for U.S. adults

When selecting a regimen, clinicians should consider resistance-testing results and predicted virologic efficacy, toxicity and tolerability; pill burden; dosing frequency; drug-drug interactions; comorbidities; patient and practitioner preference;
July 2010

The return of penicillin

How to fight drug resistance without inducing allergic reactions. ... Patients with histories of these benign maculopapular rashes often can often tolerate the same culprit drug again, Dr.
January 2017

Letter to the editor

Defining urosepsis. I always enjoy your cases. I do have an issue with the “title” for Case 5 in the January 2009 issue (“Test yourself: Delirium, treating drug resistance, fall prevention”).
March 2009

In the News

In Africa, for example, which has the highest incidence of TB in the world, only six countries provided drug-resistance data. ... About a third of respondents said they had talked to a doctor about a prescription drug they saw advertised.
April 2008

MKSAP: Infectious diseases

The remainder of the medical history is noncontributory, and she has no known drug allergies. ... Flucytosine should never be used as a single agent to treat fungal infections because resistance develops in patients who receive monotherapy, and primary
June 2009

A new kind of stewardship

They urged that use of antiretrovirals be evidence-based, with medication reconciliation, appropriate dosing, mitigation of drug interactions, and prevention of viral resistance. ... Antiretroviral-related errors can lead to new or increased adverse
January 2020

Teaming up to fight superbugs

Antimicrobial stewardship teams look at how individual cases fit into hospital-wide trends of infection and resistance. ... Most physicians would agree that overuse of antibiotics is feeding the epidemic of drug-resistance, and studies have shown that
January 2009

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