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Letter from the Editor

This issue also includes the second installment of our Morning Report feature.
January 2016

Food for thought

Morning report had already started but she was not too far behind the crowd. ... Multitasking throughout most of the morning, Ima almost forgot about her hunger pains.
November 2012

Treating 1 patient at a time

Hanson. “We are scrutinized by the [residency review committee].”. The hospital tried solutions to speed discharges, including moving morning report from 7:30 a.m. ... Hanson explained. Soon the float teams were matching the success of the academic
June 2015

Letter from the Editor

Morning Report, one of our reader-written features, describes a hypothetical patient developing HIT during hospitalization while this month's Success Story reports the true story of how one Canadian hospital
February 2017

Machine learning in the hospital

Last but not least, we've got new editions of two reader-written features: Morning Report, which analyzes a fictional hospitalization for lessons about providing high-quality, high-value care, and
January 2018

Our Internal Medicine Meeting issue

hospital. Finally, this issue also features the latest installment of our occasional Morning Report series, focused on upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
June 2017

The chief thing

That is, until I became chief resident. That year, I stood at the board each morning at 8:30 A.M. ... for Pediatrics morning report. The post-call teams would present patients, and we would teach straight from the hip.
April 2011

Teach trainees more thought, less waste

You rarely see a morning report about run-of-the-mill pneumonia, so everybody spends all their time trying to hunt down things that are really rare,” said Neel T. ... Smith said, adding that some hospitals use report cards or other metrics to measure
March 2015

Doctor, don't be a hero: Getting VAP to zero takes teamwork

Bryan LGH coordinates the sedation vacation with respiratory therapists' extubation readiness assessments in the morning so that the data are available when the intensivist rounds at 7 a.m. ... Talk about results on rounds, in the morning report and in
September 2007

Call overload

Thursday morning: Post-call morning report in front of the whole department. ... Later Thursday morning: Get grilled on rounds with more questions, as if the ones you got on morning report weren't enough.
August 2011

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