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Hospital Servi-Sisyphus | ACP Hospitalist

It was that kind of morning: hypertensive patients who couldn't pay for their meds and little old ladies, sweet and otherwise, who kept on falling.
November 2016

Post-hospital syndrome | ACP Hospitalist

With no definitive method in place to keep patients from returning to the hospital, perhaps it's time to look at the problem in a new way.
March 2013

April 2016 | ACP Hospitalist

ACP Hospitalist provides hospital-based physicians with news and information about the practice of hospital medicine.

Six letters that can help with difficult decisions | ACP Hospitalist

Two physicians describe their mnemonic for determine patients' decision-making capacity.
September 2010

Acute exacerbation of COPD | ACP Hospitalist

Diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of acute exacerbation of COPD in a 67-year-old man.
April 2016

Teach trainees more thought, less waste | ACP Hospitalist

Hospitalist role models can help residents embrace high-value care.
March 2015

Treating 1 patient at a time | ACP Hospitalist

Increased intern efficiency improves discharge rates, decreases duty-hour violations.
June 2015

Acute decompensated heart failure | ACP Hospitalist

Morning Report, a new feature, discusses the clinical and administrative aspects of a fictional but realistic hospital case from admission to discharge.
October 2015

Meta-cognition and its impact on physician self-diagnosis | ACP Hospitalist

A physician tried to self-diagnose his symptoms of a feeling of suffocation and a change in gait. Experts review the cognitive biases that made the doctor overlook the right diagnosis.
October 2012

Diabetic ketoacidosis | ACP Hospitalist

Analyze the clinical and administrative aspects of a fictional hospital case.
October 2018

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