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Identifying drug-drug interactions

lab. They focused on this combination because lansoprazole is such a commonly prescribed drug and an interaction could have a profound impact on patient safety, as well as because the effects ... Many in the drug safety community believe that CPOE
March 2017

A new kind of stewardship

As we all know, inpatient clinical statuses can change regularly, and a patient might need multiple interventions (e.g. ... start. Partnerships with local experts, complete medication reconciliation upon hospital admission, and awareness of available
January 2020

Fixing, not fighting, electronic systems

just summarize the patient as a 75-year-old diabetic with pneumonia,” he said. ... If so, is that still valuable?” said Dr. Hollberg. There are also decisions to be made about what types of concerns merit alerts—only patient safety or financial
May 2016

Are your patients at risk?

Dr. Jones, I see that this patient's diagnosis is pneumonia. The protocol calls for blood cultures. ... The patient develops acute respiratory distress from a pneumothorax. The second cause of medical mistakes is haste.
August 2009

Medical quality: What's it all mean?

ACGME. The second is “systems-based practice,” which calls on residents to “advocate for quality patient care and optimal patient care systems, work in inter-professional teams to enhance patient safety ... Several IM residency programs, like the
July 2010

Fight or flight?

Howell felt it was a fight worth picking for the good of the patient. ... comes to patient safety and harm.”.
September 2012

Unique aspect of internship involves learning to meet needs

An intern learns to balance patient needs with his own, following the guidance of senior residents and mentors. ... His professional goals include care redesign and the promotion of patient safety across care settings.
April 2013

Journal Watch: Recent studies of note

as affixing extra copies of patient ID bar codes on desks or clipboards to avoid scanning the patient's actual ID wristband. ... RFIDs are increasingly used in medicine for tracking and patient safety purposes, but few if any studies have examined their
September 2008

Teaming up to fight superbugs

How do you get them to think about resistance instead of just about their own patient?” said Neil O. ... agree. There's more opportunity for education between the consulting parties and patient safety has been enhanced by an emphasis on adjusting drug
January 2009

Monkey medicine

You watch while others do it the hard way. If patient safety were at stake, it would be another matter, but if your colleagues want to do things the hard way, ... Monkey on your back. Your quarterly bonus is tied to your patient satisfaction scores.
January 2018

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