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Get patients moving in, and out of, the hospital

professor and deputy director for patient safety at the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation. ... The next step is to engage families, which are an important but underutilized resource in encouraging patient mobility, Mr.
September 2016

Whose documentation counts?

At a minimum, this requires speaking with and/or touching the patient while providing some sort of care. ... If the pressure ulcer is not coded properly, its significance as a comorbid condition may be lost for severity of illness classification, quality
November 2011

Results pending at discharge often stay in limbo

Dr. Bell, who holds a chair in patient safety and continuity of care funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, has developed an electronic ... this if you want to avoid missing tests that could affect
December 2009

New recommendations on insulin pump use

The statement's section on patient safety issues has also been updated. ... The statement also provides data on comparisons of different pumps, safety issues, and cost-effectiveness.
June 2014

Recent Research

Thus, CMS’ inclusion of postoperative VTE rates as a Patient Safety Indicator“ may ultimately prove to be detrimental to patient care.”. ... was associated with less radiation exposure and a more positive patient experience, the study authors
August 2015

Teaming up to fight superbugs

How do you get them to think about resistance instead of just about their own patient?” said Neil O. ... agree. There's more opportunity for education between the consulting parties and patient safety has been enhanced by an emphasis on adjusting drug
January 2009


The patient was sent back to the floor, passing through radiology on the way. ... This is a tale of patient safety. Cold statistics and dense tables of data do not give the reader the sense of disaster and mayhem that are the essence of medical
June 2010

See, and then stop, elderly abuse

patient while they are in the hospital, which can be a sign of psychological abuse,” said Dr. ... Jones, the hypothetical patient, envisioned.“ Making a report doesn't mean that family is indicted.
January 2019

Rapid response systems are in place, but do they work?

A number of studies have suggested benefits in terms of patient safety and cost, but others have raised questions. ... Benefits beyond mortality reduction:. Demonstrates safety culture:“ If my patient is in trouble I can get immediate help!”.
May 2011

Lost in transition

Disagreement between the discharge summary and the patient care referral form, in particular, accounted for 62% of the discrepancies.“ Given the amount of emphasis we've placed on patient safety and ... patient gets admitted to the SNF and when they
September 2009

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