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The rock star hospitalist

Rupa is a wonderful physician whose musical life adds a unique dimension to our group.
February 2010

Predicting a bright future for women in hospital medicine

The way he behaved with patients made me think about how I want to be as a physician. ... If I weren't a physician, I would be: An engineer. I like math and physics.
August 2009

From Kansas to Kenya: Hospitalist volunteers to care for patients around the globe

Even without formal pediatric training, I was a lot more help than no physician at all. ... Most surprising thing about me: I'm a ballroom dancer. If I weren't a physician, I'd be: A photographer for National Geographic.
October 2008

Hospitalist is Michigan medical society's Woman Physician of the Year

Specialty: Internal medicine. I became a hospitalist because: When I was in residency, an attending physician who functioned as a mentor suggested I should be a general internist in the hospital. ... If I weren't a physician, I would be: Something math
September 2008

Hospitalist founded nonprofit for Bolivian street children

Something I wish I'd learned in medical school: The interpersonal bedside management skills with patients and families that are required to be a caring physician. ... On being a physician: Often we forget how much of a privilege it is to care for people
August 2011

Former baseball coach hits home run in hospital medicine

But it's a mixed regret, as I realize the great value being a teacher and a coach first had in helping me to be a better physician.
March 2009

A passion for patients—and animals, too

He was an outstanding human being, a tremendous physician, and my substitute parent in Oregon. ... If I weren't a physician, I would be: A wildlife biologist.
January 2009

Man meets dog

His by then 10-year career in the computer industry was put aside, until he was a practicing physician at NYU. ... A visit from a Caring Canine brought her to tears. Initially skeptical, her physician was so moved when he witnessed a visit that he wrote
October 2009

Comforting the chronically ill

At Mercy, consults by the palliative care team are requested by a physician or care manager. ... Dr. Jones found the way in his monthly Heart of Mercy Rounds, which he holds for physician, nursing, social work and pastoral staff to discuss health care
January 2010

Letter from the Editor

Mark Chassin, FACP, knows about balancing scholarship with clinical experience. The subject of our physician profile, Dr.
December 2008

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