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Hospital medicine around the world

Huddleston said.“ They want to elevate the skill level for these people, to involve them with quality improvement and the day-to-day operations of a hospital.”. ... As such, there was no one to really take charge of service protocols or quality
July 2009

Pay now, profit later

Sessions covered topics like teaching, research, career planning and quality improvement—all areas that attendees said were lacking or missing from their residency training.“ I would have loved to have had ... in academia and how you can influence
April 2010

Reducing unnecessary PPI use may help save lives

quality improvement projects, experts said. ... Sharpe.“ We have made it too easy to prescribe them.”. To make it easier for prescribers to do the right thing, UCSF conducted a quality improvement project to reduce unnecessary PPI
March 2016

The different ways hospitals pay

whether that's quality improvement, effective resource management, cost per case, or helping to build market share and grow the program. ... and define the behaviors that support the values of quality, teamwork, integrity, innovation and service.
October 2010

D2B: Saving time, but not lives?

We share data and processes and work on quality improvement across all the participating centers. ... Q: Should such evaluations be completed sooner—for example, before the launch of a nationwide quality improvement initiative?
March 2011

Computers teaching patients

Thomas Worrall, MD, medical director of the UPMC Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation.“ We're on the tip of the iceberg in trying to develop tools like this that help ... Jack.“ If it reduces rehospitalizations, it will save significant
March 2011

Do you know your core competencies?

For example, there's patient safety, quality improvement, palliative care.… This is the section where we call on most hospitalists to participate in these multidisciplinary teams and hopefully evolve as leaders ... of patient safety issues, as well as
July 2017

Signing up isn't enough

The answers they received from participants in both improvement projects showed a lot of room for additional improvement. ... Q: What lessons can designers of quality improvement programs take from your findings?
March 2014

Recent Research

Emergency department and medical ICU clinicians received weekly feedback on compliance with the sepsis resuscitation bundle, and were encouraged to discuss issues with a quality improvement team that met monthly. ... The treatment group had a greater
July 2011

Fighting the subconscious biases that lead to health care disparities

Physicians work to identify and respond to their own biases.
January 2016

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