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Heart failure stays and readmissions

The risk of 30-day readmissions for noncardiovascular causes was more linear, increasing with longer length of stay. ... Penalties for readmissions are unable to control for all these factors, according to the editorialists.
August 2017

Patients with high trauma from hospitalization had more 30-day readmissions, ED visits

Patients who experience high trauma of hospitalization, as measured by disturbances in sleep, mobility, nutrition, and mood, may have a greater risk of readmission or ED visit within 30 days of ... In addition, the trauma survey has not been validated in
December 2018

Failing to prevent heart failure readmissions

Most hospitalists would like to think they help heart failure patients avoid readmission to the hospital. ... be the silver bullet that solves the readmission problem or improves short-term outcomes.
February 2014

Proteinuria associated with AKI, readmissions in surgical patients

Preoperative proteinuria may indicate higher risk for postoperative acute kidney injury (AKI) and unplanned 30-day readmission, according to a new study. ... 2. The study's primary outcome was postoperative AKI before discharge and unplanned readmission
July 2018


Delaying tracheostomy may not help patients or clinicians, another study found, and the first 10 days carry increased readmission risk for COVID-19 patients. ... A research letter published by JAMA on Dec. 14 looked at readmission rates of veterans
December 2020

The challenge of predicting readmissions

That did not turn out. Q: What do these results mean for physicians trying to prevent readmissions? ... Until we have a better tool, we really need to treat everybody as a potential readmission.
December 2011

Little evidence supports interventions to reduce hospital readmissions

There's no definitive evidence that any single intervention reduces 30-day hospital readmissions, a literature review concluded. ... Of the 43 studies, 16 were randomized, controlled trials. Five of them documented statistically significant improvements
October 2011

Reducing readmissions by empowering patients

St. Joseph Hospital in Whatcom County, Wash., reduced unnecessary readmissions by improving patient self-management after hospital discharge. ... The issue: Reducing unnecessary readmissions by improving patient self-management after hospital discharge.
September 2010

Hyponatremia linked to higher costs, longer stays, more readmissions and deaths

Hyponatremia predicts longer hospitalizations, higher costs and 30-day readmissions, and in the preoperative setting is linked to greater 30-day mortality, two studies have found. ... Researchers matched these patients to a non-hyponatremia cohort and
September 2012

Malnutrition, diuretics, and more

The study's primary outcomes were heart failure readmission, all-cause readmission, and all-cause mortality. ... no use, 0.73; 95% CI, 0.57 to 0.94; P=0.016). Risk for 30-day heart failure readmission was significantly lower in the loop diuretic group (HR
February 2021

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