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End-of-life care

The primary outcome was the association of DNR reversal with readmission to the same or different hospital from the initial hospital. ... Secondary outcomes included the association of DNR reversal with readmission to a hospital with a low or high rate
December 2020


An intervention targeting patients with very high use of health care services, or “superutilizers,” had no significant effect on readmission rates compared to usual care in a recent randomized controlled trial. ... To test the program's effect on
January 2020

Risk adjustment for more patient, population characteristics could reduce readmission penalties

The researchers compared hospital readmission rates with and without adjustment for these additional characteristics, using only the average within-hospital associations between patient characteristics and readmissions as the basis for adjustment.
September 2018

Making readmission penalties hospital-wide could hurt safety-net facilities more than others

Researchers estimated the effects of changing from the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program's existing condition-specific readmission measures to an annual hospital-wide measure. ... Policymakers have shown substantial interest in moving to a
October 2017

Readmission risk differs when same Medicare patients admitted to different hospitals

In the first sample, the median readmission rate was 15.5% (interquartile range, 15.3% to 15.8%). ... in the worse quartiles for readmissions than if they were admitted to a hospital in a better quartile.
September 2017

Migraines and stroke, guidance for transcatheter aortic valve replacement, and more

and subsequent increased hospital readmission rates are associated with migraine in surgical patients. ... Hospital readmission within 30 days of surgery was the secondary outcome, and postdischarge stroke and neuroanatomical stroke location were
April 2017

Hospital at home

23%) or lying down (median, 18% vs. 55%), and their 30-day readmission rate was lower (7% vs. ... 23%). The reduction in readmissions is a particularly significant finding, the study authors said.
December 2019

After the ICU

Butcher said. But they can contribute to cost savings, such as by reducing hospital readmissions, he said.
October 2020

Infectious diseases

Their 30,007 person-years were used to estimate hospitalization, readmission, and inpatient mortality rates. ... The 30-day readmission rate was 18.9% (95% CI, 17.7% to 20.2%) and stable over the study period.
October 2019


A virtual hospital and a trial of inhaled interferon-beta both reported success, studies compared COVID-19 and other critically ill patients, and mortality and readmission risks were quantified in recent ... Of 106,543 patients who were discharged, 9%
November 2020

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