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Act early to avert AKI

Based on some recent research, including a study published in the Oct. ... The bad news is that the research also shows that patients who do survive to discharge face increased risks, both of kidney problems and death, in the years afterward.“ We used
October 2013

Frail elderly, Enterobacteriaceae infections, and more

For patients with Enterobacteriaceae bloodstream infections, a short course of antibiotics led to similar outcomes as a longer course, a recent study found. ... Critically ill elderly patients may not always benefit from systematic ICU admission,
March 2018

Low-risk patients may not need vital signs checked so often, study suggests

Sleep deprivation is also an important factor in post-hospitalization syndrome, which recent research suggests may increase readmissions, they noted.
July 2013

Antibiotics and AKI, stroke rehab, and more

They called for further research into the role of the ED in supporting care transitions for recently hospitalized patients. ... Thirty-day mortality rates may be an effective measure of hospitals' quality of care for heart failure (HF) patients,
June 2018

Individual brief case: Cardiac tamponade and acute liver failure

Recent research has hypothesized that low cardiac output (i.e., cardiogenic shock) is a more likely culprit than systemic vasodilation (i.e., distributive shock) in ischemic hepatitis.
January 2019

Oncologist optimistic about latest cancer treatments

The latter 2 categories drive most of Dr. Oxnard's excitement, but even chemotherapy has improved in recent years, especially the experience of it.“ Our supportive care is better. ... Dr. Oxnard pointed to recent research finding that cancer patients
May 2015

Change in the air for oxygen delivery

A more comfortable, less expensive approach to high-flow oxygen delivery is likely to gain ground in adult ICUs over the next few years, buoyed by recent research showing somewhat better ... Dr. Nugent speculated. His review article called for more
October 2015

CAP patients with hypo- or hypercapnia have greater mortality, need for ICU admission

Existing tools to predict 30-day mortality, which also have been recommended to identify patients for ICU admission, have been shown in recent research to not accurately predict ICU admission, the
June 2012

Drugs for drinkers

Finn. Research, however, has not found a difference among the long- and short-acting drugs, or even very firm evidence of their effects. ... Phenobarbital has been the subject of recent research.“ It makes the benzos much more active,” said Dr.
June 2012

Surgeons, internists square off over osteomyelitis

Pile noted) or simply“ tradition.”. The more common alternative, culturing a swab from the wound, is not always as accurate, but recent research has suggested that multiple, deep probes can correctly
September 2013

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