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Improving outcomes with new roles

Despite having the same number of rapid responses,“ our codes have been the lowest in the recent years,” said Dr. ... Other programs might want to consider these benefits, especially in light of recent research questioning hospitalists' value, he
November 2011

Individual case: Cardiac tamponade and acute liver failure

Recent research has hypothesized that low cardiac output (i.e., cardiogenic shock) is a more likely culprit than systemic vasodilation (i.e., distributive shock) in ischemic hepatitis.
January 2019

Stop doing that

So it's good news that recent research suggests one can use a more restrictive transfusion strategy with cardiac patients. ... In February 2012, an article in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine looked at all existing research on the two indices and
June 2012

Preventing AKI

effects. Recent research has tried to identify patient risk factors that predict AKI. ... Ongoing research, though, continues to find gaps in what's understood about the onset of AKI and therefore how to prevent it.
December 2015

What's new on ACP Internist's blog

Here's a sampling of recent posts and comments from the blog. ... Internship years often trigger depression Recent research involving medical students in Brazil suggests that professors should be alert to signs of suicidal thoughts during the internship
January 2009

What not to do in palliative care

Pantilat. In particular, recent research has shown that some of the things physicians thought they were doing to help patients at the end of life are actually ineffective and even potentially ... Pantilat. Research has shown that even 20 mg of
December 2015

Treatment of trainees, admission patterns, and more

The most common discharge diagnoses are similar across general internal medicine (GIM) services at different hospitals, a recent study found. ... Specialized devices and dressings didn't significantly reduce rates of peripheral IV catheter (PIVC) failure,
March 2019

Simple steps help prevent ICU delirium

Promoting alertness and orientation during daytime hours also helps prevent delirium, according to recent research. ... Another promising area of research is cognitive stimulation—”essentially using games to exercise the brain,” said Dr.
November 2017

Virtual glucose monitoring, statins and heart surgery

The study's findings align with previous research showing significant geographic variation in Medicare spending, the commenter also noted. ... IV hydration was noninferior to no prophylaxis for prevention of contrast-induced nephropathy, as well as less
August 2017

New global definition for malnutrition

This is a much-needed provision that incorporates recent research showing the central role of systemic inflammation in the development of malnutrition.
November 2018

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