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Antibiotics for COPD, shock after MI, and more

obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who had low procalcitonin levels, a recent study found. ... Quality of hospital care is more likely to be a factor in admissions that occur less than a week after discharge than in those that occur later, a recent
December 2018

Recent Research

Hydroxyethyl starch for fluid resuscitation fared poorly in two recent meta-analyses involving critically ill patients. ... 15 by BMJ. Rivaroxaban is noninferior to enoxaparin for standard-duration venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis in acutely ill
May 2013

Recent Research

Troponin T levels independently predict 30-day mortality after noncardiac surgery, a recent study found. ... Existing tools to predict 30-day mortality, which also have been recommended to identify patients for ICU admission, have been shown in recent
October 2012

Delivery (of a shock) in two minutes or less

Recent research has found that hospitalized patients with ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia don't always receive defibrillation within the recommended window, and that the delay has a detrimental effect on ... The research also found a
August 2008

NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

The authors noted that the use of prophylactic antibiotics before procedures has been discouraged in recent years. ... They called for future research in this area to include clinically important endpoints.
February 2019

Frail elderly, Enterobacteriaceae infections, and more

For patients with Enterobacteriaceae bloodstream infections, a short course of antibiotics led to similar outcomes as a longer course, a recent study found. ... Critically ill elderly patients may not always benefit from systematic ICU admission,
March 2018

Recent Research

ICU patients who were extubated overnight had higher mortality rates than those taken off mechanical ventilation during the day, according to a recent study. ... They called for additional research to evaluate the significance and mechanisms of their
January 2017

Recent Research

D. -dimer cutoff for safely ruling out pulmonary embolism (PE), especially in elderly patients, according to a recent study. ... Implementing telemedicine care in the ICU improved mortality and length of stay, according to a large recent study.
September 2014

Recent Research

The three organizations recommended concomitant PPI and antiplatelet use in a 2008 document, but subsequent research suggested PPIs might lessen the efficacy of antiplatelet drugs. ... The study authors called for further research examining the
June 2011

Recent Research

They noted that the mortality rate in the standard nutrition group was lower than in some other recent research, which could potentially be explained by the high protein content (1.2 ... The standard formula also had a balanced amino acid pattern, which
January 2015

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