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Stopping delirium before it starts

Large-scale efforts to prevent delirium have been around for years, but hospitals also can take smaller measures if they don't have the immediate resources or ability to overhaul care.
June 2013

Hospital initiative bolsters weekend services, staff and decreases length of stay

One New York medical center's intervention, which increased weekend services and staffing, successfully reduced average length of stay and increased the number of weekend discharges, according to a recent study. ... The increase in weekend staffing of
May 2015

In the News

The researchers adjusted for daytime intensivist staffing, case mix and severity of illness. ... There was no benefit of nighttime intensivist staffing in ICUs with high-intensity daytime staffing.
September 2012

Ideal patient-to-intensivist ratio varies in U.K. ICUs

However, they concluded that based on their findings and the fact that intensivists are often in short supply, intensivist staffing models should be designed with caution. ... Addressing these issues in this larger context will allow for evidence-based
February 2017

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

Zimmerman. “Sometimes it means just an up-training and sometimes some increased staffing on a floor. ... Kahn. With their high technology and staffing, ICUs are expensive to run, and most of the cost is fixed.
February 2013

Multidisciplinary teams associated with improved ICU outcomes

compared with patients whose ICUs had low-intensity physician staffing and no multidisciplinary teams. ... Multidisciplinary care combined with high-intensity staffing had the same mortality benefit in patients requiring mechanical ventilation, those
March 2010

Critical illness events on wards may be ‘contagious'

That goes along with the [idea] that if you have fewer people around or maybe less staffing at nighttime, then this effect could be greater. ... I certainly think if a hospital has decreased staffing at nighttime or decreased staffing on weekends or even
April 2017


Q: What will the palliative care clinicians staffing the hotline be able to provide?
April 2020

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue features our 2016 Top Hospitalists, as well as articles on hospitalist/ED staffing models, dictation software, and more.
November 2016

Recent Research

Ambulatory ECG monitoring after stroke, benefit of ventilator bundle components, alteplase and long-term survival after ischemic stroke, and more
February 2017

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