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Predicting mortality

Cowen. Higher-risk patients could also be given more individualized attention. “We think it has implications on physician staffing.
July 2013

The apocalyptic hospitalist

To address this, hospitals will need to ensure flexible staffing during this time.
March 2012

Not a time for modesty

cost savings, staffing and clinical quality.
October 2009

Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

Zimmerman. “Sometimes it means just an up-training and sometimes some increased staffing on a floor. ... Kahn. With their high technology and staffing, ICUs are expensive to run, and most of the cost is fixed.
February 2013

High inpatient occupancy levels associated with lower risk of hospital-acquired C. diff

difficile infection],” they said, noting variations in staffing, policies, practices, and procedures during different stages of occupancy.
July 2018

Recent Research

The MACE unit may be a viable alternative for hospitals that are unable to set up ACE units due to barriers like costs, staffing and space needs, the authors wrote.
July 2013

Letter to the Editor

However, there are ways to guard against deterioration in care at these times, experts say, including establishing protocols, having guidelines on when to call a subspecialist, and using creative staffing and
July 2014

Hospitals fight back against violence

Hospitals spent an estimated $1.1 billion in security and training costs to prevent violence within their facilities, plus $429 million in medical care, staffing, indemnity, and other costs resulting from
December 2017

Hospitalists outside the hospital

Physician staffing changed in the spring of 2010, with a primary care physician assuming coverage a half day each week because there weren't enough hospitalists to staff the clinic.
December 2011

Letter to the Editor

Hospitalists as a group are growing professionally. Each hospital and health care system needs to evaluate its staffing issues individually, including lifestyle accommodations, as the profession and health care both change.
November 2011

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