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Time for change in critical care training, society says

that would consider the similarities among the current pathways, as well as economic and staffing issues.
July 2018

Balancing act: How ACGME work-hour limits are changing hospital medicine

But while the ruling has presented staffing challenges, patients have not suffered and hospitalists are in higher demand than ever on the job market. ... Comanagement of nonmedical patients—motivated in some cases by other specialties' work-hour
October 2007

Creating successful ward teams

Learn what separates a highly functioning ward team from one that never seems to gel.
March 2013

Critical illness events on wards may be ‘contagious'

That goes along with the [idea] that if you have fewer people around or maybe less staffing at nighttime, then this effect could be greater. ... I certainly think if a hospital has decreased staffing at nighttime or decreased staffing on weekends or even
April 2017

ICU schedule simulation finds increased continuity, time off with shared service

They noted that different scheduling models “have been an area of intense debate among hospitalists,” but that “there have not been other quantitative studies of the impact of staffing models on
April 2017

Intubation after in-hospital cardiac arrest not associated with benefit, study finds

This is hardly a ringing endorsement for such an established intervention that requires substantial cost to provide, considering both the training and staffing costs and the downstream costs of mechanical ventilation
February 2017

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

The authors noted that those services often have similar staffing at all times, unlike other areas of the hospital.
April 2008

Multisite directors tackle management and logistical challenges

For example, local directors usually control their own scheduling because they are most familiar with their site's unique staffing needs. ... The most basic reason to have a multisite director is to share staffing when a new group is starting up in the
August 2015

Journal watch: recent studies of note

Our study suggests that a hospital workweek of Monday through Friday is not optimal for the care of patients with acute myocardial infarction,” the authors said, adding that better staffing or
May 2007

Endovascular therapy may herald a new era in stroke care

Successful treatment requires 24-hour staffing with specialists and neuro-interventionists and the infrastructure to continuously evaluate these patients,” said Tudor Jovin, MD, associate professor of neurology and neurosurgery, director of
June 2015

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