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Medicare takes aim at hospital-acquired conditions

And some doctors say that the initiative, while admirable, could very well lead to more testing and a need for additional staffing, both of which could add to the cost of
November 2007

Letter from the Editor

Once you've recruited a few great hospitalists to your program, you might be tempted to think you've solved your staffing woes.
October 2009

Intubation after in-hospital cardiac arrest not associated with benefit, study finds

This is hardly a ringing endorsement for such an established intervention that requires substantial cost to provide, considering both the training and staffing costs and the downstream costs of mechanical ventilation
February 2017

Recent Research

They concluded that tele-ICUs can provide benefits even to hospitals that already have daytime intensivist staffing and active quality improvement efforts.
November 2011

Physicians of the night

Dr. Epstein doesn't have an explanation for the findings, but he suspects it might indicate that boosting nurse staffing could be the most cost-effective solution to the nighttime disparity ... When staffing is reduced, there's a greater need to work as
December 2008

Median hospitalist pay rose slightly between 2009 and 2010, survey finds

Those working within call-based staffing models made more than those in shift-based staffing models ($263,000 vs. ... Seventy-eight percent of respondent practices used a shift-based staffing model, compared to 70% in 2009.
October 2011

Measuring hospitalist workload

Duffy. “Because our census is more fluid over the last couple of years we've had to become more fluid in our staffing models,” he said.
October 2013

ICU telemedicine improved mortality and length of stay

The authors also drew attention to the finding that physician staffing models were not predictive of outcomes, concluding “it is not the on-site presence of an intensivist that drives better
March 2014

Disaster preparedness

For example, an indicator could be ED wait time. If wait time exceeds a certain number of hours, that would be the trigger for response tactics such as increased staffing to
February 2014

Low-risk patients may not need vital signs checked so often, study suggests

Reducing vital signs monitoring could reduce nurse staffing needs and save money, and/or enable reallocation of resources to increase monitoring of high-risk patients, they wrote.
July 2013

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