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66%, P<0.001). In all areas except CHF, hospitals with hospitalists still scored significantly better after controlling for variables such as size, location and staffing availability. ... patients are at high risk for adverse events and sensitive to
October 2009

Time for change in critical care training, society says

that would consider the similarities among the current pathways, as well as economic and staffing issues.
July 2018

Creating successful ward teams

Learn what separates a highly functioning ward team from one that never seems to gel.
March 2013

Observation moves faster with dedicated hospitalists

Leykum. The solution has been reiteration by hospital leadership about the value of the unit, and more firmness by the hospitalists staffing the unit itself. ... The change in structure may also lead to a change in staffing, according to Dr.
June 2011

Transitional care management yields benefit but is used rarely, study finds

Like any improvement on the standard of care, diffusion of TCM will require workflow changes, investments in health care information technology, and a potential expansion of clinician capacity or staffing,” the
August 2018

Periop anticoagulation in afib, patient-to-intensivist ratios, and more

Researchers used data from a national case-mix program as well as data from staffing surveys to perform a retrospective cohort analysis of patients 16 years of age and older who ... However, they concluded that based on their findings and the fact that
May 2017

Shifting views on shiftwork

In an effort to improve the safety of those handoffs and provide a little more consistency in staffing, UPMC developed a two-part experimental intervention.
February 2013

A new home for hospitalists

The hectic pace, with lots of pages and consultations, can take a toll on the hospitalists staffing the service.
November 2012

Maintaining quality care on nights and weekends

Other creative staffing and patient rounding approaches can help avoid missing a deteriorating patient or other medical crises amid the cycle of shift changes and patient discharge pressures, said Stella Fitzgibbons, ... Along with the level of physician
July 2014

Hospitalist-resident teams find happiness and efficiency

The increase in the teaching service's capacity allowed the nonteaching service to reduce its staffing by one nonphysician provider per day.
February 2012

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