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A new kind of leadership: The physician and administrator partnership

And then there was me, a first-year medical student sitting among them. ... I couldn't help but smile. Prakriti Gaba is a first-year medical student at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minn.
May 2014

That bean of caffeine!

A third-year medical student offers a brief history of that vital beverage, coffee. ... When I arrived at morning rounds at 8:02 a.m, still sleepy-eyed without my watery, standard-issue med student cup of coffee, Dr.
December 2014

Trousseau, thrombosis and cancer: A history consult

Physicians and students can learn by contemplating how history intersects with their daily practice.
November 2011

A tour of old Parisian hospitals

For us, a student hospitalist and a budding scientist, medical history is the grail—specifically, the experience of standing in a rare spot, recollecting the medical memory of centuries. ... Such is our only remedy against the disease of time. Trahern
March 2012

From cold feet to code feat

Unlike my teammates, I am not an American medical student. I am a visiting medical student from Thailand who was lucky to be able to join the activity. ... As I said, I was lucky to be allowed to fill an empty space after a student canceled.
May 2012

Goodpasture and his syndrome

Ask any medical student which disease affects the lungs and kidneys, and he or she is likely to answer Goodpasture's syndrome. ... year. Mr. Ehman is a fourth-year medical student at Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minn.
October 2010

Diagnosing a freak of nature

Ms. Gray is a fourth-year medical student at Texas A&M Health Science Center, College of Medicine.
September 2010

Letter from the Editor

And, although a recent study found team athletes make the best future doctors, student hospitalist Farzon Nahvi explains why he believes medical students should wait tables before they become physicians. ... Share it with us. Sincerely,. Jessica Berthold
September 2012

My first colonoscopy

Being a first-year medical student is like getting a colonoscopy. The preparation is rigorous, but you're grateful to have an appointment. ... Rachel R. Hammer is a second-year medical student at Mayo Medical School.
August 2010

Letter from the Editor

Gout is also the topic of our MKSAP quiz and our Student Hospitalist column. ... Sincerely,. Jessica Berthold Editor. ACP Hospitalist.
April 2012

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