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And the winner is …

The runners-up were:. “Let me guess, do-it-yourself CRISPR?”. “Now let me clarify what telehealth is again ….”. All articles from the February 7, 2018, ACP Hospitalist Weekly Newsletter.
February 2018

Virtual rounds bring families to bedside

Patients schedule virtual rounds with the hospital's telehealth team, either in advance or on demand, and about a handful occur on a given day, said Dr. ... It was a little bit embarrassing for the telehealth coordinator, but when they called the brother
June 2017

Telemedicine, from both sides now

Telemedicine involves the use of technology to deliver health care remotely (a broader term, telehealth, can also refer to nonclinical services). ... skepticism, said Todd Czartoski, MD, chief executive for telehealth and chief medical technology officer
August 2019

Anti-Asian bias brought out by pandemic

I'm a hospitalist, but I also do primary care and so we've been doing a lot of telehealth visits, and I did one visit over the telephone with a
June 2020

Care management, attending supervision, and more

attributed to greater use of primary care, home care, telephone care, and telehealth.
September 2018

Bringing the hospital home

The culture is starting to shift and I think the expansion of the capability of telehealth and telemedicine are making these models a bit more feasible and scalable.”.
March 2020

Hospitals and hurricanes

Hospitalists should also be prepared to use telehealth technology to provide or receive assistance during a disaster.
July 2016

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