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Medical students must focus on patient-centered care

In the current context of rising clinical demands, long waiting lists and shorter appointment times, it's more important than ever to communicate effectively and foster a strong therapeutic relationship. ... Correct inaccurate perceptions and clearly
May 2010

Recent Research

Researchers concluded that there was no benefit of genotype-guided dosing of warfarin on time in the therapeutic INR range during the first month of treatment. ... The researchers noted that the study looked at time in the therapeutic range, rather than
June 2014

Stewardship, stroke mimics

The goal was to compare and rank therapeutic strategies and determine which were associated with reduced mortality. ... The therapeutic strategies considered were lung protective ventilation, open-lung strategies such as lung recruitment maneuvers or
March 2020

In the News

and flow diagrams to help clinicians determine when to use troponin in therapeutic decision making.
January 2013

Clinicians dive into hospital design

There is often no therapeutic value to strict bed rest,” said ACP Member Diana Anderson, MD, a Montreal-based internist and board-certified health care architect.
April 2018

MKSAP quiz on venous thromboembolism

Therefore, he is at high risk for DVT and pulmonary embolism and requires therapeutic anticoagulation. ... This would not be appropriate in this patient whose initial therapeutic dose has not been established following his acute thromboembolic event.
December 2014

Individual case: Polyendocrinopathy with lithium use

The patient was diagnosed with simultaneous primary hyperparathyroidism, nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, and Graves' hyperthyroidism in the setting of prolonged lithium therapy, which had been maintained within therapeutic range. ... Lithium-induced
March 2020

Top Docs

In the hospital setting, they had everything, all the diagnostic and therapeutic armamentarium, and now all of a sudden they're being seen once or twice a month,” said Dr.
November 2012

Recent Research

The results may appear to conflict with the initial research that motivated guidelines favoring therapeutic hypothermia, but there are a number of important differences, they noted.
April 2014

Ask Dr. Pinson

No money is being left on the table. Oddly, when bronchial drainage is performed for therapeutic purposes only (i.e., no diagnostic specimen of any kind is collected and analyzed), it
August 2017

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