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Short-term NSAIDs may still increase myocardial infarction risk after previous heart attacks

treatment is associated with increased cardiovascular risk in patients with prior MI; i.e., there essentially appears to be no safe therapeutic window for NSAID treatment.
May 2011

MKSAP quiz on hypercalcemia

Most patients with therapeutic lithium levels for bipolar affective disorder have a slight increase in the serum calcium level, and up to 10% become mildly hypercalcemic with PTH levels that are
May 2012

MRSA test and warfarin recalled, new tests for HIV and hepatitis C

A recall of physician sample and hospital unit dose blister packs of Coumadin (warfarin) 1 mg because the active ingredient may be below or above therapeutic levels.
September 2010

Beta-blockers, antibiotic algorithm, and more

difficile are suboptimal. The editorialists noted that interventions to restore eosinophil cell counts may eventually be found to have therapeutic potential for patients with C. ... 2. In asymptomatic patients with known or suspected MPE, the panel
April 2019

The House of God revisited

From diagnostic tap to therapeutic decompression, imaged needle placement beats the blind poke.
October 2008

The Brief Case: Cases from 3 hospitals in Puerto Rico

The patient ultimately declined further therapeutic measures and is receiving ongoing outpatient follow-up in the pulmonary clinic (Figure 2). ... Therapeutic management should be adjusted to disease. This patient responded to corticosteroids, which are
September 2014

Test yourself: Anticoagulant therapy

Continuation of warfarin at therapeutic doses throughout the surgery poses a significant perioperative bleeding risk and increases the potential need for blood transfusions. ... Aspirin alone is not a sufficient replacement for warfarin, and is used only
May 2007

Thoracic medical societies issue guideline on managing malignant pleural effusion

2. In asymptomatic patients with known or suspected MPE, the panel suggests that therapeutic pleural interventions should not be performed.
October 2018

Two drugs may make skin structure infections easier to manage

The research was funded by the drug's manufacturer, Durata Therapeutics.
June 2014

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers promise for hard-to-treat wounds

It's another therapeutic piece that can be offered to patients with nonhealing wounds of certain types, particularly for wounds in irradiated areas and diabetic wounds.”.
April 2008

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