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MKSAP quiz on hematology

Her respiratory function begins to worsen, and therapeutic plasma exchange is begun.
September 2012

Cases from Yale-New Haven Hospital: Trainee Edition

2. O (normal range, 7 to 18 cm H. 2. O), and the patient exhibited equivocal gait improvement following therapeutic fluid removal.
May 2013

ICD-10-CM specificity: The sky isn't falling

This distinction is clinically important and has therapeutic implications. In terms of quality and reimbursement, the code for a diagnosis of “CHF” alone may contribute little or nothing to risk adjustment
July 2015

MKSAP quiz on EEG

A plantar extensor response is noted in the right toe. Results of laboratory studies are normal, with a serum valproic acid level within the therapeutic range.
June 2016

Medicare proposes changes to conditions of participation

To facilitate contracting and telemedicine, critical access hospitals will no longer be required to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services, laboratory services and radiology services.
October 2011

Blood tests after MI associated with hospital-acquired anemia

Combined, these findings indicate that many of the blood draws may result from routine processes of care, rather than diagnostic or therapeutic interventions, according to the study authors.
August 2011

Cases from Massachusetts General Hospital

SS can be the result of therapeutic medication use, inadvertent interactions between drugs, or intentional self-poisoning. ... Treatment of overlap syndromes lacks clear consensus due to their rarity and the absence of large therapeutic trials.
May 2015

Focus on: Diagnosing pulmonary embolism

In addition to being safer, LMWH has proven to be more predictably therapeutic than UFH, the guidelines state.
March 2008

Bonus online case: Calcium-channel blocker overdose

With therapeutic doses of a CCB, L-type calcium channels are blocked in cardiac and vascular smooth muscles, leading to decreased chronotropic and inotropic effects, as well as decreased vascular tone.
September 2019

Telemedicine for heart failure

time period where we've seen a number of therapeutic advances,” said Dr.
July 2012

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