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Therapeutic success against such a complex and challenging disease as COVID-19 is likely to require more than 1 modality, and the results … provide optimism for the future of antibody therapy
June 2020

MKSAP quiz on antibiotics

Similarly, reducing the dose to avoid toxicity is unlikely to be helpful and may result in therapeutic failure.
May 2011

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

The study suggests that women get less of the recommended therapeutics and procedures than men, and that it takes longer to get them.
February 2009

Vital signs are vital: focus on fever

in. Modern accounts have also found a therapeutic use for cold temperatures in human beings. ... Modern advanced cardiovascular life support courses advocate therapeutic hypothermia for patients who require cardiopulmonary resuscitation after cardiac
March 2014

Several antimicrobial stewardship components improve outcomes, review finds

Empirical therapy according to guidelines, de-escalation of therapy, switch from intravenous to oral treatment, therapeutic drug monitoring, use of a list of restricted antibiotics, and bedside consultation all improved either ... Researchers found that
March 2016

Dabigatran or warfarin?

It becomes therapeutic in 30 minutes to two hours, has a half-life of 12 to 17 hours, and requires no special dietary or lifestyle adjustments. ... Patients whose time in therapeutic range is below 50% with warfarin may be especially strong candidates
March 2011

Score may help determine safe anticoagulation with warfarin in patients with liver disease

greater. Patients who had a 0 score on this scale spent 56.7% of time in the therapeutic range, slightly better than patients with liver disease overall. ... In contrast, patients with liver disease and a score of 4 spent only 29.4% of time in the
May 2014

Making a good connection

Establishing the rapport necessary for an effective therapeutic relationship requires effort and finely honed interpersonal skills. ... Establishing the rapport necessary for an effective therapeutic relationship requires effort and finely honed
April 2009

Unfractionated heparin may be underprescribed in obese patients with VTE

Initial infusion dose was significantly related to time to achieving therapeutic anticoagulation (Spearman r=-0.27; P<0.02). ... In the current study, this led to a delay in therapeutic anticoagulation and inadequate bolus doses and/or initial
April 2011

MKSAP quiz on venous thromboembolism

Therefore, he is at high risk for DVT and pulmonary embolism and requires therapeutic anticoagulation. ... This would not be appropriate in this patient whose initial therapeutic dose has not been established following his acute thromboembolic event.
December 2014

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