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Teaming up to fight superbugs

Antimicrobial stewardship teams look at how individual cases fit into hospital-wide trends of infection and resistance. ... The program tells hospitals, ‘Here's the evolving trend, the priority observations, and the antibiotic stewardship strategies
January 2009

Joint Commission offers safety briefing on drug diversion

The Joint Commission suggested that a surveillance program for drug diversion should focus on patterns and trends, including:.
April 2019

Is it pneumonia?

Concerns are growing that pneumonia is being overdiagnosed. Here's how you can stem the trend.
March 2014

Dabigatran associated with more transfusions, shorter ICU stays, less death than warfarin

Major bleeding patients who took dabigatran instead of warfarin needed more red cell transfusions but less plasma, and they had shorter ICU stays and a trend toward lower mortality, a study ... found. Major bleeding patients who took dabigatran instead
October 2013

Beta-blocker usage may reduce lactate levels in severe sepsis, study finds

Study authors warned that beta-blocker usage may confound lactate measurement in severe sepsis, although they also noted a trend toward decreased mortality from sepsis among patients taking beta-blockers. ... This study did find a trend toward decreased
November 2015

Anti-smoking efforts graded state-by-state

The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2008 report graded the 50 states and District of Columbia on their anti-smoking efforts.
March 2009

New scoring system helps quantify delirium severity in older patients

The same trend was seen for levels of long-form delirium severity, with an increase in adjusted mean length of stay from 5.6 days to 11.9 days (P < ... the referent) to 2.5 for both measures (P < 0.001 for trend).
April 2014

The meaning of mergers

Singleton said. But two key trends also have been converging over the last several years, raising “some existential questions” for the hospitalist workforce in the years ahead, Ms. ... Flores said. She noted that these two trends are in some ways
May 2019

Recent Research

those taking single antiplatelets (HR, 2.31 vs. 1.60; P < 0.001 for trend in all treatment groups), with absolute risk lowest with 110-mg dabigatran. ... Similar trends were seen with major, minor and extracranial bleeding, but not intracerebral
April 2013

Physicians of the night

The growth of nocturnist services is part of a larger trend toward 24/7 hospitalist care. ... Although he was one of the first to document the nocturnist trend, in a first-person piece in The Hospitalist in 2005, his hospital has since given up on its
December 2008

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