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Adopting P4P early vs. late didn't affect hospitals' mortality rates

The difference in the trend differences for the program period versus the pre-program period was not significant (P=0.19). ... Mortality trends were not significantly different between groups for either targeted conditions (0.05% point difference
January 2018

Guideline-based therapy linked to improved acute MI survival in oldest old

Trends in 90-day survival after discharge and use of guideline-based medications for MI during the hospital stay and at discharge were examined. ... trends seem to have been predominantly explained by increases in the use of guideline-based cardiac
July 2013

Mortality rates not affected by reductions in inpatient transfusions for moderate anemia

The mortality trend was similar among patients without moderate anemia. The study was published by Annals of Internal Medicine on Dec.
December 2018

Treating PE in the ED

Vinson said. Whether hospitalists or ED physicians make the choice, the trend toward outpatient treatment of PE will gain momentum as several large studies now underway are completed, he predicted.“ ... National trends in emergency room diagnosis of
August 2015

Hospitals reach for the stars

To address this issue, the health system works with a patient feedback-processing company to categorize, theme, and look for trends in patient comments for performance improvement purposes and training, Mr.
July 2019

Beta-blocker usage may reduce lactate levels in severe sepsis, study finds

Study authors warned that beta-blocker usage may confound lactate measurement in severe sepsis, although they also noted a trend toward decreased mortality from sepsis among patients taking beta-blockers. ... This study did find a trend toward decreased
November 2015

Steady increase in number of obese adults drove sharp rise in overweight population since 1980

The upward trend in overweight since 1980 reflects primarily an increase in the percentage of adults 20–74 years of age who are obese.
December 2008

Better communication at the end of life

Form ensures dying patients' wishes are carried out as medical orders.
October 2007

Recent Research

At 30 days, it was 9.1% versus 13.0% (P=0.057), respectively. Kaplan-Meier analysis showed a trend to reduced risk for death 30 days after bleeding with both ... was a trend favoring intensive glucose management, and other studies show promise with
January 2014

Top Docs

Peters Hospital, St. Louis. While treating diabetic patients, Felipe Orellana, MD, noticed a disturbing trend: Many type 1 diabetics were not getting the basal insulin they needed, putting them at risk
November 2015

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