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Mobilization after stroke: Is sooner better?

The prospective, randomized controlled trial found a nonsignificant trend toward increased poor outcome among patients mobilized very early compared to those mobilized 24 to 48 hours after stroke admission (“early”).
October 2012

Guideline released on stopping mechanical ventilation in critically ill adults

pressure, because this method is more likely to be successful, had a higher rate of successful extubation, and was associated with a trend toward lower ICU mortality.
November 2016

Corticosteroids associated with survival only in sickest septic shock patients

In patients with an APACHE II score of 24 or lower, there was a nonsignificant trend toward higher ICU, hospital, and 30-day mortality with steroids.
October 2014

Conversion to for-profit affects a hospital's bottom line, but not care

The converting hospitals were also similar to controls in their trends in mortality rates, annual Medicare volume, Disproportionate Share Hospital Index, and proportions of patients who were on Medicaid or black
October 2014

Guidelines did not influence physicians to order fewer preoperative tests

of measuring the effects of policy change that uses a control group to account for secular trends):.
June 2015

Trial fails to find noninferiority for beta-lactam vs. beta-lactam plus macrolide in CAP

Results were published online Oct. 6 by JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers noted the results indicate a trend toward superiority of combination therapy of beta-lactams with macrolides, which may have been
October 2014

In the News

News on trends in hospitalist care, and more. Care provided by hospitalists increased rapidly and steadily between 1995 and 2006, a recent study reported.
June 2009

More severe heart failure patients have higher VTE risk

Overall, the trend for an association between VTE risk and NT-proBNP concentration was significant (P=0.011 up to day 10 and P=0.015 up to day 35).
July 2014

Beta-blockers, antibiotic algorithm, and more

Trends were also noted for better rates of all-cause mortality and liver outcomes in the beta1-selective blocker group versus the nonselective beta-blocker group but did not reach statistical
April 2019

Review evaluates hospitals' efforts to combat spread of carbapenem-resistant organisms

Nearly all studies of these interventions found a significant reduction in trend over time and/or immediate change.
December 2018

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