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Hospitalizations for atrial fibrillation on the rise

As the population continues to age, this trend will pose a major economic burden for the health care system and so should be addressed with efforts to prevent AF hospitalization and
June 2014

Postoperative stroke risk peaks at 40 hours after CABG

They also noted that the background risk decreased over time, and contributed the most to a downward trend of stroke after CABG that was seen in the last 20 years of
February 2011

Which patients to anticoagulate and how

His own research, published in the American Journal of Hematology in 2011, shows that venous thromboembolism (VTE) as a whole is on the rise, a trend that's expected to continue.
June 2017

april trends

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March 2009

How does your handoff rate?

It is possible to have peers do this, and there are some interesting trends. ... You need to look at the trend over time. The work about listening behavior in hospitalists highlights that program directors of hospitalist programs can do a few things to
July 2013

Mortality, hospitalizations, and end-of-life care improving, Medicare analysis finds

to 12.6% of the lowest-scoring ones (P < 0.001 for trend).
August 2015

Top Docs

It's also an ever-evolving project, he added, with future additions to include a section about cutting-edge trends in medicine, and stories by faculty and students about their funniest
November 2008

Hospitalists no more prone to burnout than outpatient doctors, analysis finds

The trend toward a greater sense of personal accomplishment among outpatient physicians may be due to the fact that hospital medicine tends to have younger physicians who “may not have had
November 2013

Using medical applications on wards, in clinics

Medication/condition flow sheets give more detailed and organized information on patients to see trends over time and responses to therapy, Dr.
April 2013

Letter from the Editor

This month, we look at another trend rooted in patient-centered care: cultural competency. ... L ast month, we told you about an emerging trend to hire chief experience officers focused on making hospitals more pleasant for patients, families and staff.
March 2008

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