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‘July phenomenon’ may not exist, study finds

Although weekly numbers of deaths, expected weekly numbers of deaths, and ratios of observed to expected weekly numbers of deaths did fluctuate on occasion, no trends by season or by year
September 2011

LTAC use, med adherence after MI, and more

Given the focus of providers, payors, and health care systems to decrease readmission rates for ADHF [acute decompensated heart failure], seeing these survival trends in both first and recurrent hospitalized ADHF
September 2018

HCAP guidelines, CPR survival, and more

have become routine in many hospitals,” the study authors wrote. They called for additional studies to see if this trend in prescribing has stabilized or reversed.
April 2018

Treating PE in the ED

Vinson said. Whether hospitalists or ED physicians make the choice, the trend toward outpatient treatment of PE will gain momentum as several large studies now underway are completed, he predicted. ... J Am Coll Cardiol. 2011; 57:700-6. [PMID: 21292129]
August 2015

Physicians and social media

Sean Khozin, ACP Member, an internist in New York City, has used both his blog and Twitter to reference trends in health technology and policy, including topics that might be misrepresented
February 2010

Mortality rates not affected by reductions in inpatient transfusions for moderate anemia

The mortality trend was similar among patients without moderate anemia. The study was published by Annals of Internal Medicine on Dec.
December 2018

Good catch!

A safety leadership team, which includes the hospital's medical director, reviews all reports weekly to identify trends and recommend changes to systems or workflow. ... The goal is to spot trends. One near miss report isn't very meaningful but a cluster
December 2011

Journal watch: Recent studies of note

Utilization Project, to conduct a time trend analysis of pulmonary catheter use in hospitalized patients 18 years of age and older. ... admissions. The authors detected a change in trend following the 1996 publication of a study suggesting that pulmonary
September 2007

Rural telemedicine, staffing model

Nearly all studies of these interventions found a significant reduction in trend over time and/or immediate change.
May 2019

Guideline-based therapy linked to improved acute MI survival in oldest old

Trends in 90-day survival after discharge and use of guideline-based medications for MI during the hospital stay and at discharge were examined. ... These encouraging trends seem to have been predominantly explained by increases in the use of
July 2013

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